Jan. 20th, 2017

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Just wanna toss out some hugs for my American friends. I'm avoiding oh, everything, and I don't even live there :( If you need cute animal pictures, I have many.


Been having a serious case of the don't-wannas regarding my hoop for the last couple weeks. I needed to press it, blah! But it's part of a Big Project, and I can't make any headway on said Big Project until I have the hoop done. So tonight I kicked my butt and got it done, and now it has channels sewn too. I could finish it this weekend if I tried (and decided on my hooping material, I really want to do plumbing tubing but am unconvinced of its suitability to take on a plane in the summer), but I have an inspection on Tuesday or Wednesday, so will need to spend probably Sunday cleaning and organizing my tailio off. My aunt's fabrics REALLY need a home.

Other things I need to do this weekend, call my vet (tomorrow!), visit a friend, get cat food, knit. I wound my sock yarn into two adorable little cakes and started socks.


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