Mar. 5th, 2017

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I need to work on my gown for the ball at the end of the month but I left it at my friend's house. I don't REALLY have time to work on it before next weekend anyway. But that isn't stopping me from thinking about other projects :D

I've had a riding habit on my list for 2-3 years and now I want to get 'er done! This morning I woke up (way too damn early) thinking about it. I was SO READY to start on the Tailor's Guide pattern buuuuut now that I'm more awake, I'm wondering if that's where I want to go. It's a closed-front, deep-skirted jacket, which isn't precisely bad, but do I want to go mid-century or late-century? I also have the Reconstructing History 1780s habit pattern and have already started the waistcoat (that's stalled on "do I line this thing??" I'm thinking no? But then I have to finish exposed edges somehow). I have a couple of blue wool options in my stash, but I really need to make a decision before I can move forward. I think the lighter blue won't work with the waistcoat colour, so I should stick with mid-century, closed fronts and skirts.

I should also finish the quilted petticoat, and see about getting the materials for my hoop so I can keep working on my Big Project. (She needs a name!) That was stalled mostly because of budget constraints, but I think I did my taxes right and I owe WAY less than both last year and what I had budgeted for so I'm reasonably sure I can go ahead. This is my "extra" pay month, and my car registration is due this month, plus I need to renew my passport before July. On my to-do list!

Last night I went to an amateur drag show put on by the university. I've been going on and off since 2007 with my brainhalf. It was so great! One of her friends won that first year I went and performed last night and AHHH so good! I got home at midnight, and I was out until 1am the night before too. This old gal doesn't handle late nights like she used to lol, even though I had a LOT of fun :D


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