Apr. 7th, 2017

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I tried the tubing again and I cut it too short AGAIN, tried to hand-straighten the curl, and also tried the connectors again, and I think this is not the material to use for a cage hoop. Maybe if I could get enough of the tubing into the bag to help hold it's shape, but a bag and some twill tape straps don't seem like they can hold the shape of the cage very well. So I'm on the hunt for alternatives!

Funnily enough my best option may be Truly Victorian... even with exchange, it should cost me under $100 Cdn for a roll of sufficient yardage hooping, whereas every other option (farthingales, Richard the Thread, Corsetmaking.com) would put me over. I really, really, really want the cage done before I can really commit to finishing the skirt. There is really nothing stopping me from cutting out my underlining, and I think I will fake the underlining by laying the two together and lining up seams and stitching together. Not the best option, but the overskirt is made from a super shreddy poly and I already serged the seams :( Ugh, I hadn't thought about taking the waistband off yet. What a pain in my butt (and my wallet)!

OK enough whining. Whining is not going to get my outfit sewn!


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