Apr. 8th, 2017

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I've been wearing my "light" coat again, the one I wear in spring and fall when the weather is cool enough to need a coat but not one as heavy as my "light" winter coat. Even today, when the weather was cold and rainy, and was only a few degrees above freezing. I wore it until the end of November last year, and I wore to my aunt's memorial in October.

At the memorial, my other aunt had a collection of small items for attendees to take as a remembrance. There was stationary sets and souvenier photo cards and a fair amount of jewelry. I picked out a large gold pin in the shape of a Viking sailing ship. Unsurprising, as her family was Danish. I pinned it to my coat, and a month later had to stop wearing the coat.

Today, after a couple weeks of wearing it out again, a stranger commented on it. "I really like your ship pin," he said. "Where did it come from?"

What a good question... I don't know exactly. But I told him exactly that, it had belonged to my Danish aunt and is a fond memory of her for me. "Well," he said, "maybe some day you'll meet someone who will say 'I know exactly where that came from.'" What a lovely idea :)


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