Apr. 9th, 2017

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I woke up Way Too Damn Early (tm) again, from a rather intense dream about leaving my office. My cat was playing with something on the floor, I'm not entirely sure what... And then I was Awake, and the room was just starting to lighten, and the birds were just starting to wake up, and it was 6am...

Well im up. I was looking at Instagram, and holy shit y'all, you looked amazing!!

Then it got me thinking. What I WANT to work on right now is NOT what I "should" be working on. I "should" be working on the Big Project, because I want it done for Dominion Day on July 1, and I want it trimmed the way a Victorian gown should be, but I also don't waaaaaaaaanna. What I want to work on is a bunch of 18th century stuff, notably the Italian gown planned for the IKEA duvet set. But even there I wonder if I should do other stuff first, like make a chemise (or remake the one I did 3 years ago) with narrower sleeves first, or make later-period stays, or or or.

I didn't realize it right away because the rest of my life is currently low stress, but these are the anxiety monsters of the ankle-biter size that prevent me from doing anything because I can't make a decision. They don't seem so bad because they are in proportion to the other stressors, but they are bad enough. So, laying it out for myself -- a new chemise not strictly necessary until I'm ready to fit sleeves. New stays are probably not STRICTLY necessary, but I also have a pair started from the Butterick pattern that I cut nearly 10 years ago. Plus I already have the boning necessary to fit those. (Should I finish the corset I started fitting last summer??) I don't have to start on the gown right away - the petticoat will be fine.

I need a plan. Today I have plans with my mum, and then work is kind of a circus this week, but I need to make a plan, and I want to have it in place by Thursday evening so I can spend my Easter weekend sewing. Sewing is my happy place and it should not be causing me this much distress!

OK, I've let anxiety drive the bus long enough. Gonna finish my coffee and rip some fabric.


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