Apr. 15th, 2017

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I ended up lumping on the couch most of the day. My computer reformat sort of worked, but a lot of the speed issues are still present. I haven't tried to overtax it yet, it slows down while doing 2 things at once and I just leave it alone, so no idea if that's just processing power or if it will lead to overheating and shutting down still. So I knitted a bit and watched Netflix and then headed out to play D&D. One of the other players brought his laptop so we could stream the hockey game. Playoffs are very exciting!

Spring time in Canada: It snowed pretty much all day yesterday. The roads weren't too bad, but of course overnight it kept snowing and then froze, so I guess they're a bit of a mess today. Plan is to stay inside and be a homebody. My dishes are getting out of control again, but other than that, my only plan is to make myself sew something damnit! I have half a waistband and hemming to do on the cheater quilted petticoat, and I just really want to sew the Italian gown.

This morning I spent some time going over the class list for CoCo and made my choices. I picked one class that needed a sewing machine, so I will have to plan for that if I get in. I guess I could always buy a small one and then ship it home. We'll see!

Also on the planning list is deciding on costumes for CoCo! If I go with natural form era Victorian instead of pre-bustle, I will have a lot less headaches trying to get my undergarments on the plane. That's pretty exciting to me! My friend already finished her Friday night outfit, and when I finally read the packet, the first thing I thought of was Maverick and how awesome Jodie Foster looked. Plus for Sunday, a tea gown sounds like just the thing. Saturday I'm really hoping to get into an 18th century themed class that requires being dressed in undergarments, so I'm going to plan for that to be my day outfit anyway (Italian gown here I come!) I'm not planning to do the gala dinner, only the afterparty. If I get into the Thursday class, I will also need to be dressed in 18th century (curtain-along gown 4 years late??). That leaves Friday. Phew, that's not so bad, actually.

OK, enough wool-gathering. Gonna eat my breakfast and then get crackin'.
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I spent a bit of time planning this morning, but then I did some measuring and ripping and ironing and then a whole lot of hand stitching and now I have a mostly finished petticoat :) It needs a hem still, though I did pin it up and try it on with shoes but no stays or other undergarments, and trimming. I think I want a self-flounce and a bunch of ribbons or something, I haven't quite decided, but I'm quite pleased with my efforts. The only real downside is that sewing a bunch of fabric in my lap is decidedly hot but it was just under freezing and snowing on and off today, so that meant I couldn't open my window for very long :/

Tomorrow is Cooking and Eating Day, so I probably won't get very far on the rest of the gown, and this week is full of other engagements. On the other hand, I won't need it until the summer, so there's really no rush, except that I don't want to lose momentum, and I also want these things done so I don't have to spend any time at the last minute to do so. Getting too old for that crap!


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