Apr. 22nd, 2017


Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:47 am
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Dreary day, but it's been productive. I finally found my oil change coupon, so I booked that last night, and he could fit me in today but I had to take my car there and leave it for the day. Luckily it's just down the street from me, I didn't hurry home and it took me 25 minutes to walk, which included pokemon-walking, -catching, -hatching, and two brief detours (of half a block each) to hit pokestops. I'm just slightly over the mileage (couple hundred kilometers), but it was last done in September, and I'm headed on a road trip next week, so I really wanted it done! I wish I'd put more effort into it a couple weeks ago, but I can't be too hard on myself for that. Would have been nice, but the beginning of April was hella stressful. So.

Finished the taffeta petticoat I started on Monday when I got back, and then took some pictures and nanced about in it and the cotton one for a few mins. I don't have a mirror anymore to check the length, but I think I need to shorten the cotton one. Right now it just brushes the top of my feet without shoes and I think I want it more ankle-baring length. I spent some time last night looking for inspiration pieces, and it seems that a lot of cotton dresses were just plain, simple ones without a lot of fluff. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it does make my plan a lot easier, since I don't really have one as yet lol. I suppose I can always start plain and add/decorate as I need/want to.

Feeling a little rough today, new office shares air with approx 10x more people than before, so whatever bug is going around decided to set up camp in my throat on Thursday, and screaming my head off at the game on Thursday night did not help. But I think I will start patterning the gown today.
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I made my pattern, cut and sewed a mock-up, then had to re-make the fronts and try again. I think the back looks great!

 photo 20170422_175004_zpstpaz4zqb.jpg

But the front (version 2) needs a little work...

 photo 20170422_175018_zpsyqwwmftr.jpg

I left the gray cover up to show where my stays show, the horizontal pin towards the bottom is where my stays end, and the horizontal pin up near the waist is where I think the curve should be, this one is just too wide and shallow. Josephine isn't the same size or shape as me, of course, and her waist is smaller than mine, though she is close. I find only a half inch or so off the bottom ought to be sufficient.

I'm also wondering if I should really spend some time on a different set of stays. The ones I have are an earlier style with a removable stomacher that frankly hurt my boobs today (maybe because I am wearing a sundress with a somewhat compressed bustline), and also a later style may change the shape of my torso that I want to account for.

I'm off to the sportsball game, will return to sewing tomorrow. Thoughts and opinions welcome!

(I so need to rehem that petticoat. It puddles on the floor. I need shoes but not that tall of ones!)


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