May. 13th, 2017

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Fixed the formatting on my last entry >.> Bye bye wall of text!

I was supposed to be headed off to the regency ball today but something came up and now I can't go (sulk sulk I've been to ALL OF THEM and now my perfect record is tarnished), yet my brain is still convinced we are travelling today, so I barely got any sleep and I woke up before 7am. It's a rainy, dreary day. I have some errands to run but I don't really want to go out... but doing so would be in my best interests anyway. The place I need to go opens at 10am, I might be able to convince myself to pack the things up and take them back. (The things being the cable and phone boxes. I said I would after playoffs, and we were eliminated on Wednesday, so...) And I guess I should do some housework now that I have the opportunity...

I got my stays together on Tuesday and partially boned. Now I need to figure out the horizontal bone and CF one, figure out lacing and binding. Underwear y u so complicated? I want more of that great tape from Marshall's (so I can grab the supplier name from the roll and order a bunch... that might be a Monday thing)

I knew I wanted to plan a picnic for my birthday way back in February but now it's next week and I have done nothing. Oops.


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