May. 14th, 2017

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On Friday i decided I was sick of all of my clothes. I haven't bought anything new in 3 years or more. Buuuut I'm still totally broke and starting to realize that I really can't afford all the vacations I've got planned (dear LA, please don't break my bank account too badly...) so it's time to give serious thought to making some stuff for regular wear!

Yesterday I avoided working on the stays for the most part. Got the horizontal bone in and stitched down the CF for casing and even planned out the lacing pattern, but I don't waaaaaaaaaaaaanna do hand-stitched eyelets! And I totally didn't want to think about binding either! It needs to happen, and soon, because I just can't get the outers started without the inners but (whine whine whine). I'm also starting to have to think about I want to do as my gala gown since the Big Project is on hold until I can get the hoop done. ARGH it's getting so late!

Friday night at my game I spent most of the 4 hours we played knitting (fights can take so long, especially when you have 9 characters, plus all the enemies, and some of the players are the type that like to maximize their bonuses and such), I knit a bit more yesterday while avoiding sewing, and a couple hours today too, so the pineapple is coming along very well (except now it's overdue!) and should be done hopefully by the weekend!


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