May. 21st, 2017

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I spent most of yesterday cleaning out my closet. Of the 20 or so boxes in there, I kept 4. I an SO pleased with my efforts. There's a stack of collapsed boxes in my bathtub and a pile of things that need to go out to various places and still a few things on the floor, but it's all DONE. Next major declutter will be plushies, books, the bedroom closet, and some day my goal is to turn the closet into my fabric hoard (when I can work out a storage solution; maybe shelves of some kind along the wall and then the bins). There's still a lot of general clutter but overall... the closet's been on my mind for ages. Who needs 4 boxes of VHS tapes? Not me! Off to the eco station.

I finished watching Jessica Jones in the evening, and then to lighten my mind I watched Austenland while I knitted the pineapple. I got half a repeat done! One more half and then I get to do the bottom. I was hoping to have it done for monday since I'm going to see its recipient (and its already 3 weeks overdue) and that's maybe possible :O Maybe not though, I'd also like to block it, will have to put the liner in, and I also wanted to make a fingerloop cord as the drawstring.


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