May. 27th, 2017

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One thing we talked about this week is how for all that I consider myself an emotional person, I'm not very in touch with my feelings. I choose to do things based a lot on circumstances rather than what I FEEL like. This works ok for some things (I pretty much never want to clean my apartment unless it's after 10pm, but that's way too late to be vacuuming, soooooo), but is a very poor marker when it comes to me wanting to be more in touch with my creativity. The new office has been helping a little, even though I have almost nothing to do with what they do, it's a VERY creative workplace and the energy is awesome. So I spent a little time this week introspecting.

I'm not going to get my CoCo class letter until next week (holiday this past Monday for us), but I started planning my list anyway. Sure, that makes it seem and feel like circumstances again, but I planned it in a way that I was choosing what I wanted to make or bring based on what I wanted to do the most. So, here it is:

  • Thursday day: 18th century if I get into the workshop, if not then ??
  • Thursday pool party: party dress based on Ariel's "Kiss the Girl" outfit
  • Friday day: 1840s. I made the dress 2 years ago and have not even photographed it. I pulled the skirt off Tuesday night and started stitching it onto a piece of twill tape (actually a drawstring from a light jacket I have, that I am never going to put back in, so it might as well be useful. I almost threw it away before realizing that it was a nice piece of cotton twill tape!)
  • Friday night social: no idea yet. Maybe Star Trek TOS skant uniform. BRING ON THE MINI SKIRT AND PANTIES!
  • Saturday day: 18th century (white dress) whether or not I get into the class. (I want to so bad but have to be prepared for the very real possibility that I didn't)
  • Gala: Jareth's ballroom outfit. Will need to reglue a bunch of the jewels first, but damnit, I spent so much time on this last year and it's VERY sparkly. Plus it's already done (minus repairs) so I don't have to spend a lot of time on it.
  • Sunday: Victorian tea gown or possibly a Regency short gown. Depends how many undergarments I want to pack.

Spaced out in such a way that I need different-but-same undergarments every other day. I also have a list started of the things I will need to make to support these outfits (like a habit shirt, MOAR PETTICOATS, fixing some things I've already made, etc)

Today is a "get stuff into the car" and socializing day, tomorrow I hope to get laundry done, and get stitching!


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