Jul. 6th, 2017

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I loooove summer for the long nights. Its almost 10pm and its still light out! I dislike summer for the heat. Environment Canada actually issued a heat warning for several days of sustained temperatures near 30C. This is nothing compared to the south, and we all know that, but its toooooo hoooooot. (we also get cold warnings when it's gonna stay at -40 for more than a few days, but the heat feels harder to handle)

I decided to knit a hat, and i finished that today so its back to work on my habit shirt. My place isnt actually that hot right now, which is nice, but it doesn't take lo g for me to start overheating if im away from the fan. I really need to get back to work on my stays so i can get the gown started! I guess i could fit it on top of the other ones but i really want the later silhouette. Soon i need to pick up fabric and figure out how to enlarge the patter for the skant.

Tomorrow im supposed to go to my d&d group but im still mad about last time. I thought i might go one more time, and we also play in a nice cold basement, but im torn. There's just one player i dont want to see, the rest are fine. Need to decide soon. Like, before 8 am soon. Augh i dont know what to do.

Except sew. And not melt in the heat.


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