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Decided to binge the rest of Downton Abbey, finally. Gah I love this show.

Also decided to go to Queen in 2 weeks. Sure I saw them before, but how many more times am I going to get to??

Trying not to think about how much sewing I need to do D: I completely forgot what I was doing with the stays, so I put the grommets into the boning channel, and then was punching them upside down and completely mangled them. They destroyed the ribbon I used to try them on. Gah. I cut new fronts the other day but haven't sewn them on yet.

Except I do need to think about how much sewing I need to do, because I need to start budgeting my time. OK, Sunday is booked. Going to get some jewels glued down and cut out my tea gown, plus some errands. Ideally I'd like to get my stays re-sewn to the point where I can poke holes in the proper places, but I can save that for next week if I need to.


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