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To be on the blog soon :D I'm so happy with how it turned out.

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I was also productive today! I took down my Christmas tree, vacuumed, and took all my recyclables out, had a shower, and then my life-partner (and her roomie) and I went and picked up fabric for our Victorian Hogwarts uniforms. I am THRILLED that we were able to pick it up on a sale. I was itching (literally?) to have wool for it, and we got it for around $7.33/metre. Now to finish designing the outfits :D
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It was really hard to judge how it would look when it was still a tube of flat fabric. I got the waistband on this morning and holy smokes! Even without a bumpad to help support it, and even not being starched, it stands out beautifully! I've only got bustle-shaped petticoats at the moment, but wow. Wow, wow, wow. Cording took for-ev-er, but I am so pleased with how it came out.

I found some of my thoughts from the other day. I feel like I do "too much", and when I look at my boxes and my plans and think about where/when I can wear this lovely things I make, I think what I really feel like I do "too much" with is that I sew many, many, many time periods and styles, and some of them, I have no opportunities to wear them.

I've had an Elizabethan outfit on hold for the last 7 years (ACK it feels more recent than that) and while I really want to finish it, I have no where to wear it. I haven't been to an SCA event in 4 years, which would be the number one place to take it. But then, if I decide not to finish it, do I sell the unfinished layers and extra fabric for someone else to finish? What do I do with the patterns I bought over the years, if I have no desire to pursue it any longer? Same goes for gothic lolita stuff: what do I do with outfits and dresses I spent a lot of time working on, books I purchased? Both of them are looks I still love but is it worth the space they hold if all they do is sit in boxes and no one admires them, not even me?
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I have decided! The petticoat gets a waistband tomorrow, and then I shall attempt to starch it. I have no idea how well a possibly poly-cotton broadcloth and acrylic yarn will take starch, but it will be fun to find out! :D

(Also am not going to fuss with a silly spray bottle of starch solution. That would take way too long. Good thing I know where my mopping bucket is, that hasn't had a mop in it in about 6 years)


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