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So the only changes I made since the first one I posted a couple weeks ago was to actually sew the bust gores down, and tape in some bones.


I think that's everything? I'm generally quite happy with the cut and shape of it, just need to do the thing now :)


My coworker had cinnamon raisin toast today, and it smelled so good that I made some when I got home! What a process though. I had to go to the store to get milk, but first I wanted to do dishes and clean the cat box, so by the time I got started, it was already 7pm. I used a manual bread machine (a large aluminum bucket with a dough hook on a handle braced across the top of the bucket. Like an electric machine, except not. And the four pans that went with it) that my grampa gave me ages and ages ago, except I lost the turning handle for about an hour, so I had to knead it by hand anyway. But it turned out GREAT! And it's SOOOO yummy. Gonna make more bread now that the machine is complete, possibly this weekend :D

I am eyeing some fabric that I want to buy. I told myself last week that I can't get it unless i sell something to pay for it, so I am going to do that ASAP (once I decide what to sell), but I don't know how much fabric to get! Mostly because I don't even know what I want to make :O Probably an anglaise with matching petti and ruffle? I wanted to buy it from one site but never did and then it went out of stock and hasn't come back, but I recently found it at another site and I want to snap it up! 6 yards? 8? I have no idea :O

Hmm I just noticed that I must have been anxious when I decided all of this, because when I first thought of it, all I could think of was "but you have nowhere to wear anything you make out of it", but that thought isn't bothering me right now! Maybe I successfully talked myself out of the negativity. No one needs that in their life lol.
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Almost didn't remember to take these lol. Mock-up pictures!

It's not boned, and currently made of a heavy twill. The front is cut from a corset I abandoned many years ago (and thank goodness, it was made very poorly, and much too small, for where I am now!). The back is rescued from an Elizabethan bodies that I also abandoned but decided it would make for great lacing strips. Shown over a Regency shift.

 photo 20160815_212935_zpsxysrshpq.jpg  photo 20160815_212943_zpse9kxj7ga.jpg  photo 20160815_212950_zps6ahkxqm4.jpg

Other thoughts: I moved the compression point from the top of the hip gussets to just underneath (the top grommet is level with the top of the gussets). I think it could stand to be longer-waisted somehow? The compression happens across the top of my tummy, nearly at my ribs, and my tummy of course pushes the bottom of the corset forward. I still need to take in the top a smidge, I definitely don't need to expand the hips, but how to fix the waist without losing the look, cuz it's a great look/shape! Maybe it's just the back and side-hip gusset I need to lengthen? The back definitely needs to be widened, the finished edge of the lacing strips are flush with the unfinished back edges and I already have a large lacing gap. I need to account for the boning as well.
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Right, well this happened today.
Giant picture? )
And im thinking a lot about how to both scale it up and proportion it properly. This is happening, y'all.
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Upon further thought and looking at the book again, the only thing it says is that coutil is a single layer, and silk is lined with linen, no mention of layers. The Workwoman's Guide (1838, 1840) indicates up to 4 layers (I think; written speech patterns earlier than the past century confuse my brain). I haven't looked at bustle-era sources yet, but I am tentatively committing to a 2-layer linen with the pretty outer layer.

I thought I'd like to try the Laughing Moon pattern again. I first bought it back in like 2005 or something, when it was still printed on tissue paper. I don't remember if I bought it before or after I'd already made the gored (OOP) Simplicity pattern, but I decided that I didn't want it after all and gave it to my mum. So I don't currently have access to it. Now I'm toying with using the pattern I used last time, modifying the Truly Victorian one to have gores instead of straight seams, somehow figuring out the De Gracieuse pattern, or... Something else? While my brain picks at that, I'm also wondering what linen I'm going to use. I have some 3.5 oz left (DEFINITELY not), some thicker stuff in white (possibly 5 oz), and some mid-weight in raspberry. And an embroidered aqua, and a slightly shiny mid-weight, but those aren't options either.

I still want to make later-18th century stays, too. On the one hand, I'm happy to have things I'm excited to sew, and at the same time, wondering why I want to keep making underwear? Ah well, let's stick to the first feeling lol. I really need to buckle down and make some petticoats!

Woke up this morning in a panic over my con attendance tomorrow. No idea why, aside from Rex. I finished my last bits of sewing last night, so now all I need is a belt for Sunday, which will take me all of 5 minutes. WTF Rex? I'm going to Nicole's tonight to steam all my bits and try them on together, so that will be fun :)


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