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I haven't played with my dolls in FOREEEEEVER. They came out briefly at Sakuracon in '10, and they've been packed away ever since. I'm having Saki's face redone this week :3 so I pulled him out and undressed him to get his head and hands off. I didn't NEED to, but I did anyway. He's... extremely loose. If you hold him under the arms, his legs dangle with almost-visible elastic o.o I have to go find the elastic I apparently ordered a few years ago and forgot about and recently re-found lol.

The unfortunate side-effect of this is that it makes me want to replace some bodies. I have a blank DoD event head with no body and Ren's body is RIDICULOUSLY hard to pose in any position except lounging. I have nooooo money to even consider this any time in the near future. Or the near-distant future :(

Upside! Saki will have a new face :D
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I got the 4D clothes/wig I ordered through Sola on DOD today :3 Funnily enough, I'd bought them more for Ren, but they fit/look better on Saki XD I've left Saki barefoot for now, he has such cute little toesies.
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These pants look really cute on CP bums :D


I put a wig that I originally got for Ren on Saki, as well as the jeans and the bitchass boots o' doom, and he's a totally different doll. More like his character originally was/who he is semi-based off of. I also got some boots for Ren (they remind me of motorcycle boots; so, perfect) and the 4D jeans I ordered via DOD should be here soon-ish and then he'll be bitchin' too. (the pants were also supposed to be for Ren, and they fit him like a glove [ideal, since he IS an Iple-body XD], but ... Saki needs clothes too :P)
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The H.Ducan isn't my doll, but my sister's :3 He was delivered to my house, and I'm pleased as punch that he arrived before I left. The post office is closed for the next 4 days, so instead of having to sit around in a box for the next two weeks, he gets to chill with Ren and Saki instead :D Also included is a picture of Ren, and one of the event head that came with the Ducan XD That picture was taken with SUPER FINE MACRO settings of grate justice! (srsly, the little black marks on "his" cheek and lip were actually fine specks of lint that I didn't even notice until I looked at the pictures) Read more... )

I'm pondering the event head becoming Nao, and am shooping the WORST faceup EVAR onto it XD
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Indoor flash at night, yeah yeah I know.

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Cloud's wicked-ass sword from AC
AC Gunblades - looks like Yazoo's and Vincent's?

I'd get Zabimaru just for shits and giggles XD I already have Zangetsu. OMG WHUT I COULD PROBABLY BUY THAT LOCALLY EVEN D:'s still win XD hehehehe.
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Fukubukuro items )
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*has to sit on hands after looking at the shooooooeeeesssss* Nao, you are going to be the death of me ._.

Nao & clothes & shoes: 'bout $1200
BJDCon in Austin: $1200


ETA: the cost of the con is flight + hotel + food alone...
*wants my cake and to eat it too*
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moar dollies.

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PICTURE SPAM. Because it's been a REALLY LONG TIME since I could even load pictures of my boys, let alone share them :3

Saki as a redhead:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(I want to get him this wig in black :3 Anyone doing an iplehouse order soon that I can join in on? Or anyone wanna go in with me?)

stripey winter clothes ftw! )


Next up: pictures of my mini-boy! He's fully mine now! yay!

ETA: that felt really realy really good to post that XD LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM HARD.
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I put the scarf on Saki. He's glaring over it at nothing. very sexy :D

smiley heart = made me laugh. hard XD one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

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Doll Mould: CP Breakaway head (open eye)/Iplehouse body
Face up: I assume applied by the seller I got the head from?
Eyes: 18mm Brown glass (Luts defaults)
Hair: Iplehouse Mohair wig in Wine, or a brown fur wig by Love Replica
Age: 23

Read more... )


Doll Mould: (eventually) DoT Ducan on a girl body
Face up: default
Eyes: ?
Hair: ?
Age: 25

Read more... )
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(Stolen from [ profile] angelmecha Part 1 of 3. Will finish the others later, Will also add fancy formatting later.

Sakito (Saki)

Doll Mould: CP Yder
Face up: Doll-Candy
Eyes: green-grey acrylics (maker & size unknown)
Hair: Luts DW-02 in black?
Age: 26
Read more... )
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Elijah (DOD Yen) and Lucifer (DOD Tender Yen) from Bellerose 06 XD OTP!!

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*drools* I would want one JUST LIKE THAT. wig and makeup and clothing and all.

ETA: YAAAY someone hated Ren :D My life is fulfilled.
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I wonder how Ren's "date" went yesterday.

Ren: it wasn't a date. And WTF is that huge ball of OMG IT HURTS in the sky? *wearing shades*

he doesn't feel like jumping off a cliff or hurting people, but he's subdued today. I guess that's alright.

Ren: i don't know why I'm still awake... the light, it hurts....

I want to work on boxer shorts, but of the four pairs I started, I can't find the pieces O-o. I know they're around, I saw them a little while ago. I just don't know where they are NOW.
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I HAVE STICKY TACK FOR SAKI'S EYES :D Thanks dad XD *runs to give him vision*

[ profile] korisanzu, you didn't come to the mall today? That's OK; I left Ren at home 'cause it was raining when I left and the only carrier he fits in is white, I only had a small umbrella with me and I didn't want it to get wet or dirty ^^; Next time :D

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PICTURES pls to be lolling XD )

WIFEYPOO you left ;__________;
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Well, ladies, it's here.

And no word of a lie, my camera died ^^; and all my extra batteries are at work. (I should rescue them before the staff thinks they're for work-use)

I got a pretty white bag :D


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