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I went to Fabricland today, mostly to get some more ribbon for the Fluffly Lolita Skirt of DOOM, and also to scope out what they might have in terms of linen and wool while the sale was still on. Linen was not on sale and I refuse to pay $24/m for it, and same with the wool.

But I did find some navy lightweight linen on sale for $4/m in the bargain section, and I didn't even know the bargain stuff was an extra 50% off :D I really wanted to make a high-necked smock out of it, but an hour of internetting convinced me that this Simply Was Not Done (tm) and I don't want to look silly with a navy smock... So hellooooo kirtle! Woo! It's in the wash right now, I can't wait to get started :D

Fluffy Doom Skirt needs some buttons and the ribbons tied into bows, and it is FINALLY done.
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But first, my day. )

Made mock-ups of the simplicity patterns today. The "nice" bodice is... not gonna work as it is. I added an inch in front for fitting, and even laced on my corset to check fit, and while it closes at the boobs, the waist gaps horrendously. It really just made me think that I just need to remake the steel corset as I like the fit and support of it better (minus the gapping issues) and just make adjustments and stuff from there. Now I also want a forepart to go under my skirt, plus I want to make my own hoop, and all these fiddly bits need to be done before I can make any real progress. Sigh. I think I may take a trip to Fabricland and the hardware store on Wednesday, if the weather is nice enough.

But the doublet pattern should work, if I add extra seam allowances to all the bodice seams (not shoulder or collar), so that is good, at least.

Hair cut tomorrow. First time in 2 years.
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Today I was playing with patterns and the like, and decided to try and "fix" the steel-boned corset I made 3 years ago. The top couple grommets have always been able to over-lap, and the bottom gaps some 6 inches. Grf. I put in a couple gussets about 2" wide each, and that seems to have corrected most of the gap issue. Now I just have some problems with a couple of the bones twisting in their channels and digging into my skin. And I think I want to modify this so it laces up the front too, OR just re-make it entirely with the changes. Need to look into that. I don't know when my next event will be, which is about the only place I can wear something like this.

I've got this pattern that I think will work for the doublet I want like nobody's business, with changes to the waist (no attached skirt) and shoulder (no attached sleeves; I'll have to add wings or a roll or something). I need to make a mock-up of it and the other view's bodice to see if it will work as a base pattern. Earlier in the day, I put on a hoop, bumroll, and the two skirts I made (also 3 years ago) and DAMN it was fun to nance about the house XD It's definitely my "stand still and look pretty" outfit, I'm so excited to finish it.

Also, if anyone's got ideas on how to keep the bones twisting in the channels, I will happily consider them :D


Feb. 28th, 2011 10:41 pm
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Got the pics of my finished outfit from my sister :3 Complete with silly face and feast token.


Downside to finishing this is now I feel like I should be working on a sewing project, but there isn't a lot I need to work on right now? I keep reminding myself I can work on Regency now, but it's been a cranky couple of days, and the -38C windchill outside means the basement is cold enough to cause my fingers to stiffen up and become less sensitive for finicky tasks o-o My next project doesn't need to be done until the middle of May, I'm in no hurry to start it. (Hello there, Ashura costume, you WILL be made this year.)
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Losing hope on having an Elizabethan dress done for next Saturday :( I work every day from two days ago until then, and all I have done is a bodice mock-up. I made another mock-up today of Margo's pattern, and UGH what a pain. Granted, the pattern was traced out three years ago, but even without my undergarments and bundled in three layers (it's -31C in the wind, which means the house is pretty cool too), I had to punch in the bust by 4" on each side, which totally changes the look. And now I read that a bumroll should sit lower on your backside? Bleh. Well, I will probably keep going anyway, since I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS DONE, but it's not looking too likely. I refuse to stress myself out over costumes right now.

Also, I have a newfound love of Regency gowns, and I cannot wait to get started on at least 2 of those :3

Also-also, I really hate that I can't seem to write anything outside of nano :( My brain used to overflow with tales, and now it's a wadi. Though I did have a small spark of inspiration while at work today, it probably didn't even top out at 400 words.
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As promised, pics of the current Elizabethan sewing projects :D

3 pics )

Next on the table is a farthingale. I started making it with a length of stained cotton broadcloth curtains using a period pattern, but I think I will scrap that and use a commercial pattern instead.

I have a large green binder with all the instructions for Margo Anderson's patterns, but since I've moved twice last year, I have zero idea where it might be. I would really like to be able to at least read up on her patterns.


Jan. 8th, 2011 09:17 pm
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While I'm unemployed (note to self: no one will hire you if you don't apply...), I figure I might as well be productive. I haven't sewn a new loli outfit since 2009. I have an unfinished Elizabethan outfit I started in 2008. I have tons of fabric earmarked for various projects I have never started...

So, I started working on stuff.

Historical )

Lolita )

Cosplay )


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