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I tried the tubing again and I cut it too short AGAIN, tried to hand-straighten the curl, and also tried the connectors again, and I think this is not the material to use for a cage hoop. Maybe if I could get enough of the tubing into the bag to help hold it's shape, but a bag and some twill tape straps don't seem like they can hold the shape of the cage very well. So I'm on the hunt for alternatives!

Funnily enough my best option may be Truly Victorian... even with exchange, it should cost me under $100 Cdn for a roll of sufficient yardage hooping, whereas every other option (farthingales, Richard the Thread, would put me over. I really, really, really want the cage done before I can really commit to finishing the skirt. There is really nothing stopping me from cutting out my underlining, and I think I will fake the underlining by laying the two together and lining up seams and stitching together. Not the best option, but the overskirt is made from a super shreddy poly and I already serged the seams :( Ugh, I hadn't thought about taking the waistband off yet. What a pain in my butt (and my wallet)!

OK enough whining. Whining is not going to get my outfit sewn!
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Today was rough. I woke up at 3 am from a horrific anxiety dream, sparked by the inspection I'm having today or tomorrow. It was so bad that I had to bury my head under the covers to open my eyes, I was really unsure of reality. Would it be the real world, or the dream? It was kind of like sleep paralysis, with 100% more hallucinations and 75% less paralysis. But when I did pull the covers down, the only thing I saw was my room, and my cat's butt right in front of my face. Phew. Unfortunately I couldn't get back to sleep until close to 6am, and then I had to feed and poke him, do some dishes, scoop his box... and to top it off, it was also time for a migraine! Hooray!

I decided not to go to dance class tonight since we were starting zills. My head was better, but not so much better that a room full of tiny cymbals would be an OK idea. So I took a nap with my cat instead.

I spent some time this afternoon looking at petticoats, since I really need to start from the ground up before I can work on the dress, and that means at least one petticoat. After I finished eating, I really couldn't put it off any longer, so I sat down and cut, marked, and then sewed the support straps for my hoop. Now I'm really at the point that I need to get hooping material before I can continue. The only other thing I can do is cut strips to make into casings. It's almost done!
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Just wanna toss out some hugs for my American friends. I'm avoiding oh, everything, and I don't even live there :( If you need cute animal pictures, I have many.


Been having a serious case of the don't-wannas regarding my hoop for the last couple weeks. I needed to press it, blah! But it's part of a Big Project, and I can't make any headway on said Big Project until I have the hoop done. So tonight I kicked my butt and got it done, and now it has channels sewn too. I could finish it this weekend if I tried (and decided on my hooping material, I really want to do plumbing tubing but am unconvinced of its suitability to take on a plane in the summer), but I have an inspection on Tuesday or Wednesday, so will need to spend probably Sunday cleaning and organizing my tailio off. My aunt's fabrics REALLY need a home.

Other things I need to do this weekend, call my vet (tomorrow!), visit a friend, get cat food, knit. I wound my sock yarn into two adorable little cakes and started socks.


Jan. 7th, 2017 06:46 pm
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Woohoo! I have pattern directions in hand and am ready to start on making my very first cage hoop. I've made a couple bustles and a farthingale, this is the first hoop!

It wouldn't be a project without me waffling on fabrics though. I don't need a lot for the bag, so I'm leaning towards something fun. But I can't afford/don't want to wait/insert other reasons bone casing tape, so I'm going to make them. I don't have any boning to use though. My BFF N. should have a bunch of old salvaged hoops (1/4"), and I kind of really want to use the same plumbing tubing that's in my farthingale. But I also need this hoop to come to LA with me, and while the plumbing tubing is light, it's bulkier than hoop wire, and less able to be twisted around into a suitcase. I could probably arrange it so that the hoops could be replaced with wire when it's time to travel with them, but that seems like a lot of extra work.

Of course I don't have the hoop wire or tubing on hand, but that doesn't mean I can't start the hoop itself. Fun fabric or boring fabric?

I also did some laundry. I got a bunch of linen in my aunt's estate. Hilariously, I didn't unfold it completely and it didn't come free in the wash, so there was some dry spots. Hee.

ETA: I picked out a few options. I have a pink speckled cotton (2 yd), a white or very pale soft green with a very light swirl pattern cotton (2 yd), and a blue-on-blue tiny floral cotton (3 yd). I'm leaning towards the blue, as it gives me the most flexibility with making boning channels.


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