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Look look look!

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Nearly done...

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Of yesterday's to-do list, I just have a small number of buttons left, and 2 reticules. So cloooose.

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Just needs a facing :)

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And which boots? I like them both :( the shorter ones are flat, the tall ones have like a 3" platform heel.

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Still to do:

  • Buttons, lots of buttons
  • Top stitching on dress around neck
  • Extending sleeves by an inch, and putting cuffs on
  • Cap headbandy thingy
  • 2 reticules

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Not a ton of progress? I put in sleeves, which are too short, and hemmed it so I could switch out thread for good. I really ought to remember to make things longer than I need. I can always make it shorter. Next up, cuffs and button holes. Attach buttons. Finish apron and start cap. T-minus 3 days. Monday is a write-off, I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Thursday, I fly! (And disappointed that I will apparently have to pay baggage fees -_- My entire budget will pretty much be food.)

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Got up at 7:30 this morning... Woke up a little before 7 and just couldn't get back to sleep. Insomnia sucks.

So, more progress. It doesn't look like a ton. I put in the zipper and did some tailoring on the shoulders. It seems I have a petite bust point, needed to take 2 inches out of the shoulders D: The downside is that now there isn't enough "room" on the white parts for three buttons in the front.

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At least there's enough room on the back for four buttons (and I did put it on, it will fit over my head XD). I was going to make buttonholes because I thought I had enough overlap, but it turns out I don't, not really. Now toying with button-topped snaps. It'll probably be easier to get on by myself that way.

Next up, sleeves.

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I had a hard time getting up this morning (at 10:30am), which usually results in me having insomnia at night and being awake until ridiculous o'clock. If I was working early, I'd've just taken the little blue pill and sucked it up, but I'm working late, and since they taste horrendous and don't really work*, I'll just stay up. It's weird. If I'm not thinking about bedtime, I'm tired. As soon as I start to consider going up, I start to wake up. So, since I'm working late tomorrow, I figured I'd ease some guilt of reading this morning instead of costuming and go work on it.

Which, BTW, Graceling was a wonderful book. I could hardly put it down :D

*(They do work. They put my body to sleep and I go unconscious for a number of hours, rarely a full 8 even though they do make me groggy for just about 8 hours exactly. But they don't really put my mind to sleep and I still go through the day in a state of mental fog, and by the end of it, I feel as if I haven't slept at all. Not sure how I feel about them in general, if the physical effects are worth the mental ones.)

Anyway, I've achieved Frankenpatterning level 6. So far I've used 4 patterns in the construction of the dress, with plans of using 2 more. Patterning, etc... )

Also cut out: pockets! Pockets are going to save my life, I think. Camera in one pocket, phone in the other. I guess I better decide where to put my money too... (ETA: Hidden pocket in apron belt! Done.)

So now I just need to make the white parts and decided how to attach them. How far the zipper needs to go and be out of the way of pockets. Everything about the apron. Hat, which I forgot needs a lace edging. Style the wig (it needs its bangs cut).

And also decide what to bring for the other two days. I was hoping I miiiiight be able to squeeze Asami into my sewing too, but we'll see. I don't have anything I need for that one besides a wig.
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Wig picture! )

Wiiiiiiiiiig :D can't wait to try it on at home. But first, Star Wars identities and Fabricland.

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