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As promised, pics of the current Elizabethan sewing projects :D

3 pics )

Next on the table is a farthingale. I started making it with a length of stained cotton broadcloth curtains using a period pattern, but I think I will scrap that and use a commercial pattern instead.

I have a large green binder with all the instructions for Margo Anderson's patterns, but since I've moved twice last year, I have zero idea where it might be. I would really like to be able to at least read up on her patterns.
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Picture from Saturday!

In which we look mighty fab in front of our rail car. )

There's a couple other photos on Facebook that I tagged for myself at least, so if you're friends with me on FB, check 'em out :)
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A picture of our Miaka and Yui costumes :D

I'll be nice and spare your flist XD )
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The H.Ducan isn't my doll, but my sister's :3 He was delivered to my house, and I'm pleased as punch that he arrived before I left. The post office is closed for the next 4 days, so instead of having to sit around in a box for the next two weeks, he gets to chill with Ren and Saki instead :D Also included is a picture of Ren, and one of the event head that came with the Ducan XD That picture was taken with SUPER FINE MACRO settings of grate justice! (srsly, the little black marks on "his" cheek and lip were actually fine specks of lint that I didn't even notice until I looked at the pictures) Read more... )

I'm pondering the event head becoming Nao, and am shooping the WORST faceup EVAR onto it XD
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I am the dorkiest dork that ever dorked. I cleaned up some images from last year for you all to roll your eyes over XD Much Saki-ness abounds in here. 30 pics of dorries and kittehs )

Thus concludes my WTF contribution for the day *bows*
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Bad background props ahoy!!

Two quick pictures of my boys :3 )
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Indoor flash at night, yeah yeah I know.

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So, last Thursday, May 17, while I was in Calgary I went out to visit [ profile] lunajile and her boyfriend, Misque. We decided that we really needed a loli day, as we've been wanting to take over downtown with our fabulous sense of fashion for awhile now (hahaha what was the name of that crazy meetup... something-juku, somewhere in the states). We got all prettied up and headed to a local mall, where some people stopped us in the food court and asked to take a picture with us XD Beat THAT, congoers! Random strangers in the middle of a mall on a Thursday afternoon! XD

We had taken a few pictures in the mall itself (which is where you will see our FABULOUS drink cups) until a security guard came by and told us that we couldn't, due to FIPA. I think the dude at a nearby stall called us in >.> Said that random people in the background could outbirk over being in our photos unwittingly if they were to find them. I can understand the reasoning, but come ON.

Anyway, we headed back, dropped off my babies (omg they are SO HEAVY and I didn't even have Ren with me) and then went out for Slurpees. But in between that, I had to put my hair up and took the headdress off, because it was probably about 25C and I was dying. Later on, I had a bad headache, which was probably a combo of dehyrdration, heat, and trying to ease both of those with a slurpee. Man, did I suffer.

And later on, I dyed Jerri's hair purple XD that took us ALL EVENING. It was fun. We watched YouTube vids about video games and WoW.

But onto pictures!!

I need a new shirt (I refuse to pay $55 for a short-sleeved shirt!!). Everything in there is hand-made :3 Shirt by [ profile] l_inconnue from the very first, blue-covered GOSU RORI, jumper by me from GOSU-RORI 7, and headdress by DA user Debi-Chiru/DOD member Doll-Mage <33333

It's my favourite dress, even though I need to take it in at the sides and get some proper socks and shoes :3

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moar pictures )

Watching The Da Vinci Code and OMG I had NO IDEA that Ian McKellan was playing a role in it *mad squeeflailing all over the place* I <333333 him so hard.
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moar dollies.

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PICTURE SPAM. Because it's been a REALLY LONG TIME since I could even load pictures of my boys, let alone share them :3

Saki as a redhead:
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(I want to get him this wig in black :3 Anyone doing an iplehouse order soon that I can join in on? Or anyone wanna go in with me?)

stripey winter clothes ftw! )


Next up: pictures of my mini-boy! He's fully mine now! yay!

ETA: that felt really realy really good to post that XD LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM HARD.
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Here is a huge picture of my victorian skirts from September LOL Read more... )
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Elijah (DOD Yen) and Lucifer (DOD Tender Yen) from Bellerose 06 XD OTP!!

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More pictures. NAKED RESIN PEEN, not for the faint of heart. Read more... )


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PICTURES pls to be lolling XD )

WIFEYPOO you left ;__________;


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