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I finished my pineapple!

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Shown over the dress I made in June :D The drawstring is just some yarn braided together. I'm going to put a tassel on the end of it. It's kind of bouncy and I'm not sure it will hold anything of substantial weight (I put my phone in it as soon as I cast it off, it got reeeally long), but eeee! It looks so good!

Things I learned: when casting off, going down to 2-4 stitches per needle, the sheer tension provided by the 32-48 stitches previously is GONE. I dropped a whole needle before realizing it and I didn't do the last two rows cuz the needles kept falling out and I kept losing where I was, so I just cut the tail and stitched them up.

Now on to socks!
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It occurred to me this morning that if I only cast on half the patterned amount of stitches, I should make the pineapple only half of the patterned length to keep it looking proportionate. I decided a couple days ago to shorten it up, otherwise it was going to end up very very long and thin, but now I am going to shorten it even more. Four yellow rounds, and two green before starting the bottom. I think that will work out nicely, even with a full too.

It's really starting to look like something too. I'm super pleased with it :3

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Subtitle: Franklin wasn't kidding about responses from the general public.

Coworker 1: What are you knitting?
Me: A pineapple!
Coworker 1: BWAHAHAH!

Coworker 2: What are you knitting?
Me: A pineapple!
Coworker 2: A pineapple.
Me: A bag shaped like a pineapple.
Coworker 2: OK.

Coworker 3: What are you knitting?
Me: A pineapple!
Coworker 3: ...That was not the response I was expecting.
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I started the pineapple! I got half of the leaves done today, working on and off throughout the day :D

I also got my kitty back! Poor baby was so stressed that he peed in the carrier though. He spent 2 hours cleaning himself up (he wouldn't let me near him to wipe him off). He appears to have mostly forgiven me and spent 45 minutes or so napping next to me on the couch.


Sep. 4th, 2015 01:12 pm
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Squee!! I've been wanting to make a knitted pineapple reticule for... Some time now. It's been in my queue since March, but the want was there before that. So I've been on the hunt for yarn ever since. I even looked at Canvas Works in Olympia, but really didn't want to pay $15 US per skein. It seemed impossible to find anything in Canada that wasn't similarly priced and also in a solid colour. Striped sock yarn is easy to find, but not solid. What the hey.

I've had my yarns picked out on KnitPicks for the last few months, but I needed to spend $X to get the cheaper shipping amount, which was fine, but the dollar is so bad that even the bare minimum I could get away with (maybe $60US) would cost me more like $80. Ouch.

I went to Michaels today because I needed a longer needle for my shawl (with te lovely yarn I did get at Canvas Works) and they also had a coupon. Then I checked the yarn cuz why not? And then I found it... Sock weight yarn in solid colours. Happy day!! And I just realized that I need to go back for other colours if they have them, but I definitely grabbed the ones I need for a pineapple. And they were only $3.99 a ball.

So excited to get started! But I want to finish my shawl first. Either way, both projects are coming with me this weekend to my sister's. Yeee!!!


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