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Bad background props ahoy!!

Two quick pictures of my boys :3 )
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So, last Thursday, May 17, while I was in Calgary I went out to visit [ profile] lunajile and her boyfriend, Misque. We decided that we really needed a loli day, as we've been wanting to take over downtown with our fabulous sense of fashion for awhile now (hahaha what was the name of that crazy meetup... something-juku, somewhere in the states). We got all prettied up and headed to a local mall, where some people stopped us in the food court and asked to take a picture with us XD Beat THAT, congoers! Random strangers in the middle of a mall on a Thursday afternoon! XD

We had taken a few pictures in the mall itself (which is where you will see our FABULOUS drink cups) until a security guard came by and told us that we couldn't, due to FIPA. I think the dude at a nearby stall called us in >.> Said that random people in the background could outbirk over being in our photos unwittingly if they were to find them. I can understand the reasoning, but come ON.

Anyway, we headed back, dropped off my babies (omg they are SO HEAVY and I didn't even have Ren with me) and then went out for Slurpees. But in between that, I had to put my hair up and took the headdress off, because it was probably about 25C and I was dying. Later on, I had a bad headache, which was probably a combo of dehyrdration, heat, and trying to ease both of those with a slurpee. Man, did I suffer.

And later on, I dyed Jerri's hair purple XD that took us ALL EVENING. It was fun. We watched YouTube vids about video games and WoW.

But onto pictures!!

I need a new shirt (I refuse to pay $55 for a short-sleeved shirt!!). Everything in there is hand-made :3 Shirt by [ profile] l_inconnue from the very first, blue-covered GOSU RORI, jumper by me from GOSU-RORI 7, and headdress by DA user Debi-Chiru/DOD member Doll-Mage <33333

It's my favourite dress, even though I need to take it in at the sides and get some proper socks and shoes :3

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Watching The Da Vinci Code and OMG I had NO IDEA that Ian McKellan was playing a role in it *mad squeeflailing all over the place* I <333333 him so hard.


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