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I'm pretty sure I know what I want -- no, need to do. The top petal is closer to my inspiration image but is harder to make. Red thread obvs won't be there when I make this for real but was useful for the test. I need a MINIMUM of 48 of these things, but maybe as many as 70. I'm not confident I will have these done to have on my gown before March 25th. but darnit I'm gonna try.

I need to do the thicker piping, don't I...
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I made about 75% of a new Regency gown today. I have a ball to attend next month and I cannot wear the same dress for the fourth time in a row! (Even if I have wicked accessories for it.) If anyone has any ideas of trim for a steel blue/grey satin gown, I'd love to hear it! ETA: Found a great idea!! Now to figure out how to make it.

The fabric is so annoying though, it ripped across the width BEAUTIFULLY, but it refused to rip on grain >:C The only time the panels were the same size was when they were back-to-front. As soon as they were right-sides-together, they were off by 3" on opposite corners. UGH. I think I cut them too long for me anyway, so I squared up one edge and will just have to see how the hemming goes.
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I sort-of have a plan for this month's HSM challenge, Historicism. I want to make a Victorian NF dress with Watteau pleats. The issues are:

Fabric choices
Tea gown vs 3-pc outfit

If I do a tea gown, I have a fabric reminiscent of the Waverly curtains, and someone at CoCo a few years ago did a watteau-backed tea gown that was fabulous! I have the TV pattern.

If I do the outfit, I want to use the diagrams in Fashions of the Gilded Age Vol 1. I'm just having a hard time envisioning what the fabric will be. The diagrams used bordered fabric, of which the only one I have is white with a large border. Maybe I have one that will work? I don't know if I have enough of it. I would need a minimum of hmm let's see... Evangeline was 4m with no overskirt or decorations of any kind. I would like to have double that. Eek D:

I am learning what the term "dress-length" means haha.

ETA: My three options are 7m, 11m, and 8m :O This might be doable after all! I think they are all at least blends, however, and more likely poly :(

ETA2: Pictures of said fabric! Top to bottom: 7m, 8m and 11m.
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Today I went to see a couple movies with my brother. Labyrinth was playing as part of a family-favourites series, so for $3 it was well worth our time and effort. Then we stayed for a showing of Kubo and the Two Strings. When I got home I took a two-hour nap, because I'd gone to bed around 2am and got up at 7:30. Now I'm feeling a little out of sorts still, though I've been awake for over an hour now.

Tomorrow is some gardening (as long as the weather cooperates? Not sure.) and sewing with the Regency ladies. I think I'd also like to get the open robe started, the fabric has been earmarked for that since I got it in spring 2014! Or perhaps I will take my swallowtail jacket. It's been procrastinated long enough, so I started working on the eyelets last night. I need a better awl, mine is so tiny. I have to use 3 different knitting needles to get the hole wide enough after.

Next week is my dance performances, so I also need to be practicing!
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I had a really awesome day! I spent the larger portion at our living history site, where my friend is the costume director, sewing a corset with a bunch of fabulous ladies :D We had such a good time, and most of us got the corsets into two complete halves before we left. Yay! Then I went to Nicole's, where I cuddled puppies and traced out a spencer pattern in hopes of creating it (or a pelisse) before the ball on Saturday next week.

I'm starting to doubt my ability to create it in time, though. Yes, I have three evenings and Saturday morning. Complicating factors are that I also still need to make a petticoat, and I would also like to make a muff and MAYBE a cloak. I have the perfect idea and fabric for a soft yellow spencer trimmed in red, based on a fashion plate, but all I have is the outer fabric and lining. Nothing with which to trim it, and my budget is still too tight to allow for trimming materials. I'm not even sure what I would need to do it. And I know if I make it, I won't have or take the time to trim it, and then I might never get around to it, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want that red trimming on it! I have other options -- a bright green wool blend, pale green cotton twill, and a blue suiting (probably poly or at least a blend). I could probably do the bright green easily enough, and the trimming I wanted to put on that was really simple so I could potentially do it another time if needed.

The thing I'm scared of is if I actually seriously don't have the time, or if it's just the velociraptors testing the fences and telling me that it'll be a big failure. Oof I may have just talked myself into the bright green. (OH YEAH VELOCIRAPTORS? WELL YOU SUCK!) I'm gonna think about it overnight, it's time for bed.
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I finished my hem and that means my gown is done :D I finished the vest on Monday, and I still need to make things like a petticoat but the fashion layers are a load off my mind!
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Driving 3.5-ish hours to see my gramma today (YAY!) has me feeling mysteriously wiped out, so instead of marking my hem, or working on the vest (bottom edge is sewn together, juuuust started the neckline), so instead I am drinking tea and looking at muffs. Lovely way to spend an evening :D

It seems that fashion plates have an overwhelmingly large bias towards fur muffs, and I luckily have an entire box of white faux fur in the closet. That part is ok. What is now tickling my brain is if I (A) want to use my (rather small) muff base I made a couple years ago, that I think is a touch too long since it collapses in the middle when I stick my hands in it, or do I (B) want to expend the effort to make a new, GIGANTOR muff? I'm kinda leaning towards Option B :D but if I do that, what kind of muff do I want to make? A big poofy round one, or one that's a little flatter? If I make a flatter one, I can add a pocket to hold things if/when I use it for non-Regency things. Ahhh I can't decide!

I still want to make a pelisse or cloak to wear as well. Winter has been really mild so far, but Alberta is land of "Don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes" and I have spent FAR too many winters here to be fooled by continued fair temperatures. The forecast is much the same as today but... I don't trust it. And even +4C is still not warm enough to be outside without some protective gear!

Oh I just found an adorable plate that's tickling my creative side. Yay!
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Squeeee my dress is about 95% done! I just need something to close the flaps, maybe tidy up one seam, and hemming, and it's done! Yaaaayyyy!! I even got all stayed up and tried it on (difficult when I had a Chinese lunar new year dinner food-baby hanging out in my belly!) but didn't take any pictures on me. But I did take a badly lit 930pm photo on the mannequin ;)
Dresssssss (with bonus beret) )

Then I tried on the mockup over top and decided what neckline I wanted for the overbodice, and also gave about 10 seconds thought to what I want to do with my hair (probably a turban). Of course I will have the pineapple as my reticule ;)

Oh I'm so happy with it!
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ACK I'm nearly ready to cut out my dress but I'm having some serious design hang-ups! I kind of really want a train (even though im terrified of people stepping on it) but first I need to see if I have enough fabric. Do I want loong sleeves? Short? A wide bodice gathered to a small section or a smaller one that's less gathered? All of this needs to be decided like, tonight D: I'm going to trace out the last of my pattern pieces and hope I decide before then...

ETA: I think I'm going to go with short sleeves and moderate train on the IKEA curtains. I have more of it (180" as opposed to 4 yards, the layouts are going to be innnnteresting lol.

ETA 2: CRAP I can't get my layout to work at ALL. Time to try something new. If I cut the panels the full trained length and then cut the sides down and etc. It'll mean side seams and slits but I think I'm ok with that.
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February snuck up, and it's once again time for the ball*! Last year I made my ball gown in 2 days, and I'd really like to not do that again, so it's time to start thinking about what I'm going to make :D

Sure, I could wear last year's gown. I LOVE it, it's so pretty. But I have new stays, and they're really high on the back, and everything except a wrap gown with too-tight sleeves (and a too-narrow skirt!) shows them.

Oh darn, a new gown :3 And maybe some outerwear?! Headgear! OOOOH IDEAS :D

I'm thinking... perhaps a white gown and a cute little vest? Something bright and fun? I'd really like to make something more challenging than "plain gown, done". Decorations have always been hard for me, and the ball is at the end of the month. Lots of time! But I need to start soon, because my SAD usually kicks in a couple of weeks, so the more I can get done now, the better. I'm also limited to what I already have available to me.

Still super tired but only an hour and a half to go. Maybe gown research will keep me awake long enough to get home :D

*There will be dancing, but my Regency-wife and I vastly prefer the card tables ;) Gotta brush up on my whist! And also YAY another outing for the pineapple!
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I am so close! I finished the eyelets the other day and the cording last night, so today I could trim all the cord ends and stitch the last seams, and the (drum roll) try it on (so I could mark the straps. In retrospect I should have included them in the mock-up). And damn y'all, my Regency boobs look amazing, if completely scandalous without the chemise on too. Mwahahah!

Eta: pictures are of the fronts and backs, corded and ready to go lol. Boobs were too scandalous to photograph!

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Got the gussets in, backs stitched and corded :D I was going to start the eyelets too but my hands hurt. I think I'll take some time to knit now :3

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Sometimes I forget to post here... it's so much easier to take photos with my phone and post them to facebook. But I got really excited about a new project so, here you go.

I'm using the Mantua Maker Regency corset pattern. I made the Sense and Sensibility short stays but I made it in the wrong size and it digs in painfully around my ribs. I already have a dress done (also from S&S) and she says that you can wear it with regular bra, but I like the look much better with the proper undergarments. I guess I have some other posts to make about all of that lol.

Anyway, the pattern discusses hand sewing techniques. We had to move all of our crap to the middle of the floor for a bedbug spray again, so I couldn't really get to my machine and am not 100% where the box of thread and stuff wound up, so I sewed it all together by hand today. Didn't take too terribly long. Probably not much longer than it would have been by machine anyway. Well, I sewed one layer. I need to get to my fabric bins before I can even start the other two layers. I can't really try it on until I get some extra hands to help hold it closed, but what little I was able to determine is that it should fit just fine :3

Here, have some pictures :D )


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