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When I found out that the Gazette was having a couple of Canadian shows back in the beginning of January, I knew I had to go. Or at least try to go. There was lots of conversations with various people about who could go to which city and time off and such. I bought the tickets the day they went on sale. I had initially planned on flying out, but it was a little cheaper to drive there, so that's what we planned for. We did the drive out in 2 days, stopping to visit my Geepa on the way, and came back in one (very long) day. Overall it was a fun roadtrip!

The concert was interesting. We got there around 6:30, where the line went around the block. I'd bought our tickets for the balcony, with assigned seating, because the floor was general admission and I didn't want to be in a pit, not even a pit as nice as the one we had was (no one seemed to be pushing into each other and crushing the people at the front). I figured we'd have to deal with some people who wanted to enjoy the concert the same way the floor people did without actually being on the floor, but for the most part the people around us were pretty chill. I also figured that they'd play a lot of songs I didn't know, because I haven't listened to them with any kind of regularity in a good 6 years, and even then I go back to the songs I do know. The venue was SO SMALL, and not even close to being sold out. We had a good, clear view of the stage and everyone's faces.

And yeah, they played 95% songs I didn't know. There was tons of "metal voice" (you know the kind) and the music was really heavy. And really really loud. It was hard to discern the different instruments sometimes. BUT despite that, I did enjoy the concert, and I definitely would have regretted not going. They played for an hour, and towards the end they did Filth in the Beauty. When they left, they made us wait 15 minutes for an encore (the crowd started up 'encore' Japanese-style (it sounded like UNCLE RAY) at least 9 times) and then came out for 3 more songs, the second of which was Cockroach (BEST EVER omg). After that, they started throwing guitar picks and used water bottles and drumsticks into the audience, three of which were aimed into the sides and center of the balcony audiences, and my sister caught the one aimed at center! Totally jelly XD

Some fangirly stuff (ahem) )

Now that I'm home, I'm going to see what the songs are like when not filtered through enormous speakers lol. I have a feeling I won't enjoy them a ton, since I don't care for really heavy metal, but there were a couple I did like, so I want to find them. And catch up on the other albums I missed.
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With some mods, coat for Ruki Y/N? (basically, extend the lapels/collar, pockets, curve front outwards beneath third button. Can't get much more basic than this.)

Collar/lapel base. I have this one kicking around somewhere...

Working on some ideas for the hat XD Butterhick has a witch hat pattern that I can use the brim of as a starting point.


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