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I got the 4D clothes/wig I ordered through Sola on DOD today :3 Funnily enough, I'd bought them more for Ren, but they fit/look better on Saki XD I've left Saki barefoot for now, he has such cute little toesies.
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The H.Ducan isn't my doll, but my sister's :3 He was delivered to my house, and I'm pleased as punch that he arrived before I left. The post office is closed for the next 4 days, so instead of having to sit around in a box for the next two weeks, he gets to chill with Ren and Saki instead :D Also included is a picture of Ren, and one of the event head that came with the Ducan XD That picture was taken with SUPER FINE MACRO settings of grate justice! (srsly, the little black marks on "his" cheek and lip were actually fine specks of lint that I didn't even notice until I looked at the pictures) Read more... )

I'm pondering the event head becoming Nao, and am shooping the WORST faceup EVAR onto it XD
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I am the dorkiest dork that ever dorked. I cleaned up some images from last year for you all to roll your eyes over XD Much Saki-ness abounds in here. 30 pics of dorries and kittehs )

Thus concludes my WTF contribution for the day *bows*
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Bad background props ahoy!!

Two quick pictures of my boys :3 )
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Indoor flash at night, yeah yeah I know.

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moar dollies.

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PICTURE SPAM. Because it's been a REALLY LONG TIME since I could even load pictures of my boys, let alone share them :3

Saki as a redhead:
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(I want to get him this wig in black :3 Anyone doing an iplehouse order soon that I can join in on? Or anyone wanna go in with me?)

stripey winter clothes ftw! )


Next up: pictures of my mini-boy! He's fully mine now! yay!

ETA: that felt really realy really good to post that XD LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM HARD.


Jul. 4th, 2006 12:45 am
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Don't forget to note the SEXY background ;)

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I wired Saki's legs today with a pair of pipe-cleaners twisted together in each leg. The up-side, he no longer crumples O_O He still doesnt stand wonderfully, but at least he doesn't face-plant anymore.

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Guido wanted to help.
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Inspired by recent posts (well the last is semi-recent XD) of [ profile] _jessen_, I decided to see if Saki looked as hot in white hair as Jessen does <3 I only have an MSD-sixed wig to try on, so please forgive any cone-headed-ness, and all that rot.

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Conclusion? HOT :O
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i am, SO AMUSED XD My roomiesister helped me camwhore Saki :D

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Mar. 18th, 2006 11:52 pm
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BWAHAHAHA! I figured out my sister's webcam XD Saki would like to take his pants off for you ;)

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