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Yikes! I got signed out of the LJ app so when I loaded it, I got a VERY questionable list of apparently-featured communities or posts or something? The very first post was an anatomically correct pair of ladies unders. Good morning to me! D:

I woke up Saturday morning and was doing some image-searching for Howl, and I decided that I hated the dress I'd made. It was completely inappropriate for what I wanted (the least of which being that it was too bloody short in the torso!), so I am going to put the closures in when I have them and sell it.

My friend came up on Friday night so we could work on Howl. We really didn't work on it much, but we did get a lot of the fabric picked out, and we DID start patterning and cutting out the shirt. Complicated a bit by my hatred of the dress, I don't want to think about re-doing it just now, and we also figured that we only have one other day when we can get together to work on it before the con, and that is literally right before said con. We are both very uninterested in stressing and rushing and last-minute work, so we will aim for a different, later con.

And we did have a fair amount of fun shopping and going to see a presentation of Howl's Moving Castle in a real theatre, so that was good too :)

Yesterday I had a bit of a hangover so I spent the morning napping and watching TV. We had a games afternoon, and then I took Nicole and M. around for a Sooper Sekrit Errand. More TV while I nursed my headache and finally bed.

Long weekend coming up. I should start planning what I want to do :)
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I decided to try on the corset mock-up again on Monday night, and in doing so, I stabbed myself with one of the gore pins viciously. It didn't bleed very much and seemed pretty shallow, so I stuck a Bandaid on it and went about my night. Yesterday morning, I pulled it off, thinking that I didn't need it (also it was my right thumb and I need that hand), but maybe I did. It's a little puffy and is very sensitive to pressure.

Today I got Sophie's sleeves on, and the skirt, plus pinned up the hem. I don't know if I like it. I forgot to add width to the skirt pieces, so they're about as puffy as the bodice (the skirt should be puffier), and the sleeve was the best-fitting sleeve I've ever had from a commercial pattern (but it should be a little poofier at the top). But the real problem was the waist area. I didn't measure it or mock it up or anything, and it's really short. I didn't even adjust the height for a petite bust. The bodice ends around my ribcage, and the bottom of the waistband barely touches my waist. It barely closes where I left the seam open for the zipper. Wearing a corset won't help me, ribs just aren't squishy. I'm going to finish it though, and if I don't like it, then I will sell it and start over.

I definitely need to make petticoats too. It's just so flat without them!
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I keep hitting moments where I think of my aunt, and I have to remind myself that she's gone. Things that we'll never get to do again -- go out for sushi and a show at the Jube, the train ride, picnics. I have NO idea what's going to happen with our winter party :( I wasn't as close to her as I was to my grampa, but there's still a big hole where she used to be. Where she still is.

On Sunday I spent most of the day just relaxing. I did get some cleaning done, which is good as I have company coming this weekend. I still have lots more to do. I did start sewing, but I made three critical mistakes that could have been a lot worse (like have-to-recut-pieces worse) in a very short period of time, so I gave it up almost as soon as I'd started.

Yesterday was another chilling day. I took a nap and made green onion cakes. By the time I was ready to start sewing, it was really too late.

Today I evicted the cat off my lap and got to work! First I made a loaf of pumpkin quick bread from a mix we got at Costco. It's pretty tasty! I got my bodice together and attached the collar, and my sleeves are ready to be attached too. I was taking my time and pressing seams and finishing them. I made tea and dinner too. I feel content with what I did tonight.

Tomorrow I hope to tidy a bit more, get my sleeves on, start on the skirt! I want to add pockets, since everyone's life is improved with pockets.

ETA: I dug into my "current projects" box to see what, exactly, was in there, and I found a pair of stays I'd cut out in like, 2008 or something. I should finish those lol. I also found a couple of gothic lolita projects I should finish up and sell, dice bags, and some doll clothes I started probably 10 years ago. I put the petticoat and linen medieval-ish dress back into the box for now. I don't want to think about petticoats until I have Sophie's done, and the dress has pieces missing that I think are in a box in the closet. (Plus I'm really sad about the dress, it's linen! But I'm never going to wear it :( So I should finish it and sell it. Sad sometimes, to close a door on a chapter of one's life.)


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