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It is considerably cooler today; it was just starting to storm when I walked in the door. Phew! I got my corset on and a petticoat and tried the gown on. Took out a tiny bit from the chest and neck and the soldiered on! It has a collar and facing and neck binding too :) I got really enthusiastic and cut a yard off of what was left and made a TON of binding, and I ended up needing only a little lol. Oh well, I like bias tape, and I love this fabric.

Pondering button options (I know for a fact I don't have enough of the same type), a waist stay and how I want to tackle the hem. I definitely want a facing, and I should probably cut off the hem allowance before I put that on. How deep should it be? 4"? 6"? I think I should put it on before tacking the facing down too, so it doesn't show at the CF. For the buttons, I need to get those on before I can do the darts. Trimming aside, this is a very quick project!

Eta: here's my current button choices. They're all small, 1/2" or so, but i have lots. Opinions?

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Look at this gooorgeous gown I found earlier today. Cream lace and olive ribbons are calling my name...

I have the gown back constructed right now. it's so pretty! Regrettably it is about 4 degrees cooler than the surface of the sun at the moment, so progress might be slow.
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I cut out the tea gown today. I forgot to bring my bodice adjustment pattern though, so i left the fronts uncut until i can do that. I tjink i need a butt-ton of lace for the hem :D i need to look up other trimming ideas!

Lace resources pls!


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