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Well, I didn't write every day. In that respect, I did not complete the challenge.

But, I did make/leave space in my head for writing, and was conscious of it nearly every day, which is a vast improvement over the last 10+ years, so I'm still counting it as a win.

March was a complete rollercoaster of highs and lows, where the highs were (I think) my average baseline through the rest of the year and the lows were really fucking low. The velociraptors were out in full force, chewing on everything and making it hard to participate as actively as I wanted to, and I think that will be the case for anything I attempt to do in March forevermore.

I survived. And I'm still eager to work on my writing. So I will :) It's Camp Nano time, and I've set myself a goal of 10k. My best attempt has been 6k. I can do it! I have a plan, and I have the will. It WILL get done.
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I've reached critical mass this month, when it comes to computering. It's year end so I've been going at the meter box extra hard, and have cleared a good 1700 emails out of the 4k or so we got this month. But my arms are on fire. I've started to wrap my forearms in tensors in addition to my braces. Tomorrow is the last day. There's still a few days at the end of the month, but since Easter is this weekend, we got one day less to enter it all. I think the first generation of invoices is on Friday, which doesn't help us at all. But there's only 400 and a bit left. We're getting there!

The inflammation in my arms leaves me incredibly unwilling to turn my computer on when I get home. How am I gonna write! I despaired for all of 2 seconds. Why, the way I used to, with pen and paper, of course. Except I haven't yet... But I plan to after I post this (thumb typing is a liiiittle easier to manage than a keyboard right now).

Tonight, I got an email that one of my favourite fanfics updated for the first time in 5 years, and I made a very undignified sound (Guido was not impressed). I wrote one almost 10 years ago that I always meant to finish but stalled out when I got to a portion I hadn't written yet. I always meant to finish it. If this author can get back to it, so can I! So I'm adding "write fanfiction" to my list of writing achievements this year :3 Go me!


Mar. 13th, 2016 11:40 pm
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Today's challenge was spent creating a scrivener file for an old project that recently got edited semi-professionally*, and reading a book of short stories.

I am ok with this :)

*Friend is taking a communications course with a class about editing back in November. She and her fellow classmates needed manuscripts to work on (I saw at least two people post "wanted" ads on facebook for their friends in the course!) and she offered to go through one of mine. I gave her the only one I have that was 100% finished (the others are "finished" -- beginning middle end, some muddy bits in the middle, and a less complete ending than the one I'd prefer to have except it was 11:45 on November 30th and I needed to do a final validation) (also Joe, it was the one with the super-duper ridiculously cheesy ending, which she cut from the final version XD)

I also spent some time dancing today.
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Poop, I've fallen off the wagon. I wrote a little bit on Thursday (after not writing on Wednesday) and I didn't write yesterday either. But I'm writing now!

This happens all the time during nano, I don't write for a day or two for whatever reason (wednesday, dance, thursday night, studio, what I did write on Thursday was in a notebook at work, friday, doin' stuff til late) and then I get so behind I end up needing to write a LOT to make it up. This challenge is a much more low-pressure thing, and I don't feel AS desperate to "catch up" as I do during Nano. Really, the fact that I'm writing now, I'm very proud of :D

Although, I do need to clean up my kitchen enough to make supper. When did it get to be 7 already!


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