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Im doing a glucose curve on Guido today, which means staying really close to home. Yesterday i finished the petticoat i started last week (aside from ties) and while my measurements were a little off, i love it! The sides pull up a bit but not as badly as the non-hooped petticoat thats currently underneath it. I still really tjink i want to do the cotton gown first just for practice with tje new style, and i was just too lazy to get it out yesterday, but today... Brjng it on. I need to do a lot of ironing.

I was about to start wondering some design elements, like if i wanted to spend time on hand bound eyelets and immediately decided that yes i did. So, bring it on. Let the cotton sack gown begin!


Oct. 9th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Monday: Dancing with a new friend in beginners :)

Tuesday: Went to see We Are X, a documentary about X Japan (my favouritest band in the whole world when I was 18/19 years old. See also: failed trip to Japan in 2008 to see their reunion concert. See also: Successful trip to Vancouver in 2010 to see their first North American tour. I'm not sure if there was a second one but they did play Madison Square Garden in New York in 2014). The theatre had an opening "act" for some reason (maybe because it's part of a music documentary series?) and it was so awful I would have rather have seen the terrible band that opened for them in 2010 again. They were a supremely boring folk band that I couldn't understand, and them and the documentary subject (Japanese heavy metal...) could not have been more different.

The documentary also brought up a LOT of FEELINGS for me related to writing. I wrote a long post about it but have hidden it from public viewing because I want to sit with the thoughts a bit longer before writing more, and hopefully somewhat coherently. But that band and many others were all I listened to exclusively for a number of years and were direct inspiration for a lot of my writing in the same time frame (basically up until the end of 2003). I went and found a bunch of those old stories on my external drive and read them and FEEEEELINGS Whoooaaaa whoaaa FEELINGS. I'm trying to decide what to do with them.

Wednesday: Reading day (see above)

Thursday: See previous post.

Friday: Supposed to be a game but I had migraine #4 and bailed. Not a lot of brains happening.

Saturday: Wedding! Congrats K&V!! It was nice to see V's first wife's family there, and we had a great time pre-drinking before the reception hehehehe.

Sunday: Turkey day! Cooking and eating WAY too much at Nicole's house. OMG I just remembered that we didn't even touch the pie that is now in my fridge. Dang, will have to eat that later.

Today: I did a glucose curve on my cat. I felt SO Bad for having to stab him with a needle multiple times but it needed to be done. I couldn't always find the vein in his ears and as a result poked him WAY more times than necessary my poor fuzzy baby. But he was so good through it all and I got the data sent to the vet. I also ripped some fabric, ironed it, stitched the side seams for a petticoat for the sack that will be properly balanced for hoops, and pressed up the hem. I also knitted the last 6 garter ribs on my shawl before the next lace section, watched a lot of Netflix (The Good Place, which was great, more Voyager, which had one really great pair of eps, and then spent about 40 minutes watching The Last Jedi trailer on repeat. EEEEEE!!!)

Tomorrow: Tea with friends!
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I did a hard thing today and bailed out of one commitment. I need more time at home, especially now that Guido is diabetic again. In some ways it feels weird to say that -- he needs me for 20 minutes, to feed him for dinner and then give him insulin -- but its true. I want to be here with him. As much as I love my dance class and my dance ladies, I have to drop something. I'm considering dropping an RPG too, I just don't know which one.

I did feel good about this decision, and I was SUPER FIRED UP to actually SEW when I got home. I've had next to no urge since mid-August, and have been spending my free time knitting instead. I even re-adjusted Josephine (she's fallen over -- been knocked over, really -- a couple times in the past year) and got my pocket hoops and a petticoat out. Dressed her and measured, and used some mock-up fabric to see if my measurement was right (it is). And now I'm here writing and staring at the be-hooped Josephine while my brain goes "eehhhh I didn't really want to do this today anyway..." I know what I need to do, which is start with the lining of the bodice rather than the petticoat like I usually do. I can always piece a back of a petticoat with unimportant fabric, it's the gown that needs to be fabulous.

The but whhhhyyyyyys:
But why... do I need self-trimming? How much should I allow for that?
But why... do I need other kind of trim? Lace or sommat? Where do I even begin looking?
But why... is my chosen fabric ok? Is it too dark? Not period enough? Too heavy? (note: cotton gown. I'm very sure of the silk one. Link to photo of fabric)
But why... design elements? Stomacher obvs, but what kind? Pinning? Compere?

Ok self, that's enough wallowing. Get up, get a drink, grab the other research books. Go.
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My cat is insulin-dependant again ;_____;
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Today's project ended up being sorting and photographing my entire stash of yarn and uploading it all to Ravelry. That was my whole morning - it was a lot of work! I have 66 yarns stashed and only had pictures of maybe 8 of them. Then I napped like a boss (almost 2 hours!), and spent the past oh, almost two hours browsing patterns on Rav. I'm starting to feel like I should get going on other stuff though, so I'll give myself another half hour (as if I was working today; I would normally be clocking out right now) and then get to it. What is "it"? Besides the light cleaning I wanted to do still, I have no idea.
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Im really glad tomorrow is a holiday. I wasnt flattened by today's migraine but it sure left me without a lot of thoughts in my head. Still, i got my laundry done, put some rows into my latest knitting project, and i made lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. But that was it. It was a very low-key day.

I don't REALLY have plans for tomorrow besides some cleaning (cat box and dishes, mostly). I find myself wanting to clean up some things (besides my closet), like my yarn stash. Its very small compared to many ive seen, but its annoying to me because i prefer to knit larger projects, shawls and sweaters and the like, and most of what i have is singles. Or two skeins, but often nothing with enough contrasting or coordinating colour to be useful. And, ive become a fiber snob. Most of my stash is acrylic, and not the nicer stuff. My oldest balls are the one pounders i bought in like... 2002? To make Harry Potter scarves. I am not especially interested in that now. So, do i destash it or turn into an afghan? (actually im pretty sure my fondness of large projects doesn't extend as far as afghans. There, ive answered my own question)

I finished the quilted petticoat last week and have just been admiring it on Josephine. Guido helped "style" it a little bit. He likes to hide under long skirts when they're on display and then rocket out. It has so much body, its poofed out very nicely XD Im really happy with how it turned out. I need to photograph it!
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I was supposed to go to an RPG game on Friday, but the host had an unexpected situation pop up and it was cancelled. So I knitted instead, and finished my mitts. They still need to be finished ie: end weaving (boring!) but they could be wearable now if I don't mind strings hanging out. I really like them.

I realized yesterday that while I love knitting, I also feel like I've been using it to avoid sewing. Besides the petticoat, I have nothing really planned right now. I made a knitting bag yesterday (because starting a new project means needing a new project bag, amirite??) and then ran out to a picnic. But... I really want to sew things too (well the brainweasels say with nothing planned, it's too hard to start something. So that means: sew something!). So I poked at that brainweasel a bit last night and this morning.

  • Finish the petticoat.
  • Figure out how to make basically harem pants that end at the knee and also fit smoothly through the hips.
  • Pinner apron from Costume Close-Up with the leftover from the IKEA duvet cover.
  • Start a francaise?? I was really inspired this morning, randomly. I think I will do the cotton one first. I think i know where the fabric is D:
  • Work on blog posts. (It's kinda related...)
  • Redingote.
  • A new gown for the ball next month. I can wear the one I wore in March if I need to (esp if I put the petals on it) but I also caaaaaaaaaaaan't be seen in a repeat gown! (cough cough yeah right lol) I do want to do a different style of gown, I just need to pick out a fabric.

Nicole wanted to do shopping "early" this morning but as its now nearly 11am, and she has a thing at 1pm on the other side of the city, I think unless we get that started in the next 12 minutes (which is how long it will take me to get to her) it's not gonna happen until evening. I could have gone to IKEA this morning. Oh well.
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The past couple days it has been, colloquially, balls hot (still not as hot as LA or Texas) so I opted not to sew a giant blanket in my lap (aka: quilted petticoat) and instead have been knitting. Tonight I decided it would be time to finally post/work on blog posts, so I did that. But first! It started out hot today... but by the time I left work it was storming and raining, and the rest of the evening was delightfully cool. So I did put the giant blanket in my lap and sewed a bit first :D All I have left now is the waistbands, and it will be done. I've been trying to decide between the large pleats I have pinned in right now, or redoing it with smaller pleats, and I think I will just leave them large. The waist area is pretty much NEVER gonna be visible.

Meg brought me back some fabric from Williamsburg, and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited and happy about it (hearts everywhere). What shall I make? A round gown? Open robe? Jacket and petticoat? (wraps self up in the yardage happily)

I really need to spend sliiiiightly more time blogging. I want to finish my CoCo recap and write about the things I wore. I also really like blogs that have a list of the things they've made, and I have a page started but it is soooooooooooo bare right now. I want to add photos? Maybe I should just post the thing for now.

Still need to post the things for sale...

Yesterday Guido was singing me the song of his people. Most of his meows were of the "I want attention" variety, but I couldn't figure out what he wanted. He also cried after using the litter box :( It was still going on as of 7:45am today. He seems to be sort of better? There's still some crying after the box, but it's been a MUCH quieter evening.
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I was tidying this morning and found the missing 4mm needles. I was (am, really) using them to hold the stitches of a hole on a scarf until i sussed out how to repair it. Its been like a year o.o

Oiled Jenny this morning, even in places the manual doesn't say to oil. She sounds much better, less kachunky.

Picked up some ribbon to finish the quilted petticoat. Maybe it would have been cheaper to buy at the fabric store but they don't tend to have the same variety of colours. I almost spent more on the ribbon than the fabric lol. I'll get to work on that later. Right now i am trapped under the cat and we are probably going to nap.
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I need to remember to do blood donations in the evening. I couldn't donate for so long that I don't know if this was a problem when I was younger, but these days I'm totally useless after donating. I picked up sewing machine oil on my way home (and rolled my ankle stepping out of their door and hit the ground) and spent the rest of the day lumping on the couch. I did knit a bit (finished Baa-ble hat #2 before I left, though they both require end-weaving and pompoms; started a shawl; thought about starting more fingerless mitts, but the missing 4th needle of my 4mm set is a problem), took a nap, read some patterns... and now its 8pm and I'm starting to feel like I have brains in my head again. At least if I donate in the evening, I will only be awake for a few hours before sleeping through a lot of the recovery.

But my blood goes to children, so you know. Not gonna stop, even if I can't arrange the timing to my liking.

I'm trying to decide what to work on. What's coming up that I need sewing for? I can probably get away with whatever's in my closet for Hallowe'en. I need to make a dress for the ball at the end of September (but basic dress takes me like 2 days, plus I don't know what I want yet).
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Animethon was this past weekend. I barely dressed up, being stuck minding Nicole's booth in the dealers hall on Saturday, and then judging the craftsmanship on Sunday (that's when i dressed up lol), but people watching and seeing all the great costumes on Sunday was really inspiring. I was so pleased by the amount of young teens and kids dressing up, and i always enjoy seeing people's creations of things they love. I have a lot of OPINIONS about cosplay turning into basically a modelling industry, but that's neither here nor there. It made me want to create stuff.

I added some "yes soon" costumes to my fb folder. Im a little embarrassed to admit i put the first one in there 3 years ago and haven't finished it yet. Its just too small, and i even put tje sleeves in by hand! All it really needs is a hem and then i can sell it. And tbh, i have a couple more costumes like that so... I should get on that. Esp realizing that i "treat" myself a liiiittlw too much D:

In that vein, last week i was trawling blogs (as i do) and i tjink i decided what to do with at least one of my unplanned purchases from LA. Im reasonably confident i can get a round gown out of tje dark green. I'm tempted to try a turque robe out of the dark blue, if i plan very carefully. Right now im poking my brain at how the robe could sit close at the back when it has no front? Im sure it'll come to me eventually. Theres a fashion plate that shows this colourway and it would be so great if i can pull it off (gah i dont feel talented enough to do it, but i put it in writing now, SO)
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Working on the quilted petticoat. Im handsewing it, partly because trying to wrangle the fabric under the machine is a headache amd a half. But im really enjoying it, ans its going reasonably well. I know how i want to treat the hem but not sure i want to spend more on that than the fabric itself. And do i match the brown as best as i can, or go for a contrasting colour? I'll have to take a scrap to the store and find out :3

Wednesday i was flattened by a migraine. I had to go home because my tummy was just not having it, and i spent the rest of the day in bed. It was awful. Yesterday i still had lingering pain, but i went to dance class anyway. It was the first time in about 3 months, and it was great, even if i couldn't do it for long.

And my glasses arrived! That was so fast! I got the regular ones on Wednesday and the sunglasses today. They are huge and fabulous.
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I cobbled together a mockup for the redingote today. It started life with the pattern i made for the white dress (previously RH heavily altered to a Janet Arnold pattern) mixed a little bit with JP Ryan's riding habit. The photo is on Instagram (same username). Im kinda impressed? It fits me better than it does Josephine, but the fact that it fits at all is kind of a miracle lol. I really dont know what im doing so much when i try to modify patterns. Later i drew up the collar and put it on too. It needs some tweaks still. On the LACMA patter the collar meets the lapel but on mine there is a gap. Do i extend the collar or tighten up the lapel?

I put a sleeve on it too. Its a mostly unaltered sleeve the riding habit, i just shortened the head and it would need the cuff narrowed. Who needs to lift their arms pfffft. (maybe me...)

My peach cobbler is delicious too, if ever so slghtly too sweet (after i reduced thw sugar by almost half!)
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Lazy day. I did drag my butt out to return my mum's suitcase (they are leaving tomorrow for Helsinki) and then to the mall to get my eyes examined. My prescription changed a tiny tiny bit. I picked out new glasses when I got home and dropped $375 on them (cries). But it's two pairs and a third for sunglasses, and I might be able to get some money back. I need a heavier lens than the free ones offered with most pairs, plus I opted for anti-glare coatings since I spend so much time on the computer. ETA is middle of next week.

I did put the ruffle on the petticoat and I mostly love it. The front got a little funky and the pleats are closer together but angled more to one side while the seam is centered. I don't think I care enough to redo it, esp since I did notice it before I stitched it down. We'll see I guess. The top pleat folds over, it's kinda cute.

This evening I started working on a knitting bag that is a gift for work-friend who was so nice as to give me a skein of yarn back at the end of May :3 I hope she will like it. And now it's after 10, I cut my quilted fabric to turn into a petticoat tomorrow, I think I shall knit.

Also on the docket tomorrow... peach cobbler :D I've never made it before. It sounds delicious!
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I ripped the panels for the white petti. I was wrong, the fabric is NOT the same. The extra metre I bought is stretchy taffeta :/ But the sheen and hand is virtually identical, so I proceeded ahead. It didn't rip evenly. The cut ends were off grain, so two ripped ones ended up at 10" and 9" wide, and the cut ones varied from 9" to 11". I discovered this after having done 2 panels (one oddball and the 10"). So I ripped the rest to the 9" width and carried on! The top part of the ruffle is more of a small triangle rather that a curve, and I suspect that the original had a perfect 1" curved pinking tool used rather than modern pinking shears (no shit, right? lol). My hand was pretty sore when I was done. Then I got really lazy and took a nap and didn't get back to sewing it today.

I decided what to do with the purple striped silk! I want to make this redingote. (hearts everywhere!) I thought I could MAYBE squeeeeeze it out 4 yards of 45" wide, but it turns out the fabric is just shy of 55", which will be a lot easier to work with. Of course, i've never made a redingote and I'm not 100% sure where to start (with a mock up, naturally), but I'm excited to tackle it. I can see why people prefer working with silk, it has a beautiful hand and sounds delicious. I shake my fist at you, Canadian suppliers.

I cast on mitts this evening. I enjoyed the sewn ones so much, but knitted ones will be more useful to me :) I picked up a cape, I need arm warmers!


Aug. 5th, 2017 12:26 pm
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I'm feeling all inspired and stuff :D (ok and a little procrastinate-y too, because making lists distracts from committing to decisions!)

Short term:
  • ruffle on white petticoat
  • quilted petticoat from much more reasonable fabric than my currently uncompleted one (what am I supposed to do with quilted denim?!)
  • riding habit skirt (erm, where did my fabric run off to?)
  • habit shirt (must discover how much I can salvage of the old one)
  • Costume Close Up apron with the duvet cover fabric (omgsopretty)

Medium term:
  • the rest of the riding habit
  • a gown for the Regency ball in September (that I'm not sure that I am going to?)
  • skirt and jacket (or maybe a round gown) with my shiny Williamsburg fabric that's coming home soon :D
  • long Regency stays. M convinced me to try the busk.

Long term:
  • spoon busk corset (the de Gracieuse?)
  • hats hats hats
  • seriously hats. Can I adapt buckram frame techniques to plastic mesh? LET'S FIND OUT.
  • a pair of sacques. Do I start with the cotton one before tackling the silk one? Probably. I'll be less sad if I mess up the cotton one (free fabric from mum's stash) vs silk ($50 US cuz it was on sale and I can't just pop back into the store to get more >.>)

Enough procrastinating. Let's get stitching!
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I'm a little impressed by the people who are already talking about or doing the sewing after CoCo. My travel buddies have started a FB group for us to keep each other accountable and motivated. A has a (really gorgeous) gown picked out, M has her beaded gown (but she was going to make it for this year and didn't, so she has the stuff and just needs to get started) and I... found some pictures from Marie Antoinette that match the tiny tricorn hat blank I bought lol.

I really needed a nap today, apparently, and was asleep for an hour and a half when I got home D: I want to start sewing again, because looking back on the weeks leading up to CoCo, I was really stressed but I was also really happy because I was creating every day. I want to keep that feeling. But again, I hardly know where to start. I don't have some of the materials I want for x project, and I need to start that before I can start the main part, and do I build it over this undergarment or that one? Bleh.

But I do know what I want to do with the white petticoat. It's 2 panels about 50" wide each, and the extra length of fabric I got is 1m, so easy enough to rip into 4 pieces, pink and dag, and then attach. I should probably make a new gown for the ball too. I bought some striped silk in LA that I got specifically for it (though it would also make a gorgeous Victorian piece, but I didn't plan for that and would need more, either striped or contrast...). Hmm I think I will plan that. I'm not ready to tackle the red yet, it needs to be PERFECT :D

Tomorrow is D&D night though, so that means knitting. I'm nearly done the fox hood (FINALLY, 15" of stockinette is boooooring!) and then I can start something else, probably some mitts. Or maybe I'll start the mitts anyway. It's creating of a different kind :)
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Writing this out for myself. I so hate wanting to go back reread what I wrote about an event only to find out I wrote like nothing! The short version: despite the trials and tribulations leading up to and during the event, it was enjoyable.

The long long long version )

We had to buy another bag to bring home with most of our goodies in! And the airport adventure I already talked about. With a couple days distance, I had a really good time in LA and at CoCo, and next year I will be a lot more comfortable with the event and the people :) We've already got our FB group going to plan and keep each other on track XD

This morning I found my to-make list that I did on like, the 18th, and now I'm wondering where I can start sewing again! I think I might put the ruffle on the white petticoat first, its a nice easy project.


Aug. 1st, 2017 10:46 pm
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Finally home! At 2:40 our replacement plane still hadnt arrived. Then it did, but the updated departure time of 3:47 was closer to 4. It was a good flight, we landed just before 8. I took nicole and then my sister home and got on the couch at 10:27. Phew.

Unpacking will def wait until tomorrow. Our hat forms survived the journey but my sunglasses didnt. Theyre somewhere between gate 24 in LA and the loading bay in Edmonton o.o it HAS been 7 years since i had my eyes done, so i really should do that soon anyway.

I also didnt think i bought that much at Home Fabrics but i totally did walk out with 31 yards... Oops.
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Currently hanging out in LAX for my flight home. We were emailed at 5:26am that our noon flight had been delayed 3 hours. Buuut the shuttle booker couldnt get our shuttle changed and my roommates and i didnt have internet until we got to the lobby, so we got here at like 8am (after a rather terrifying drive and him dropping us off at the wrong terminal) and have been hanging out ever since. Well at least we're here and they gave us meal vouchers.

I learned a lot this past weekend, both about the event and myself. Certain things (a lot of things) set off the anxiety in ways that i hadnt anticipated, that i thought i had under control (or at least was aware of) and really didnt. Im still really glad i went, so grateful for the people i did meet, relieved no one threw me out as a horrible impostor, and overall i had a great time. I might write more when im home and have a keyboard :)

We're already planning next year, though i have to find a way to tell my mother that she can go, but she will not be travelling or otherwise be hanging out with me or my crew. That is a hard no. (i also don't want to see her in the garment district. She already can't get into her sewing room for all the unsewn fabric in it. Yes im a judgy asshole about this)


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