Apr. 1st, 2017

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I've barely been home in what feels like three months. My free time was planned in blocks of hours. Aside from moving things when the downstairs neighbour's ceiling started leaking, picking up after Guido (this was in the middle of his blood sugars going too low, so tons of vomiting episodes), dishes, and sweeping the linoleum parts of my floor, very little cleaning got done. I was SO EXCITED when the show was over, because it meant that I no longer had to plan around classes, and my free time opened up before me.

OK, kind of sort of not really, but it sure felt like it!

After the show I went to my teacher's house with her husband and we had some very very boozy root beer and rye. It was delicious, but also a little strange because its the first time I've been away from Guido overnight since he was diagnosed. (and also because we haven't previously been "drink our faces off" friends). Monday I was off, I had a nap first, then did some errands and went to see Beauty and the Beast (I won't detail my thoughts here yet... but take probably every 18th century costumers opinion and echo it). I got home and took another nap. Tuesday I was back to work, had an appointment (the first time I did not cry out half of my body weight!). Wednesday my game was cancelled, so I took a nap and knitted. Thursday was "free", but I went to bed so early, and unfortunately that meant I woke up at 2:30am. Friday was my other game. Then, finally, the weekend had begun (and I don't know why I woke up just before 7. UGH)

On Tuesday I talked about wanting to make a plan to tackle the state of my apartment. I didn't make the plan, but I had kind of an idea. First I had to vacuum the corner, then I could put the TV stand back where it belonged. Then I could vacuum more of the floor. I decided not to put the small bookcase back, which means it needs a new home, but I didn't really like it where it was anyway. Vacuum vacuum vacuum. I vacuumed the corner of my room that has been empty for months, so I could use it as storage. Took all of the hangers off of my salesman rack so I could FINALLY put it back in the bedroom where it belongs!! The angels sang, I swear, cuz I can see ALL of my living room floor. The IKEA carpet I have down is now not pinned down by ANYTHING. (aaaahhhhhhhh!!!) Then since I was on a roll, I took the two broken microwaves out to my car, and brought the new-old one in. Now, I have decided that I am DONE. I will change my sheets before I get into the shower, and I still need to do dishes, and we won't really discuss the state of the closet at this time, but the floor and the rack and the microwaves were the biggest things on my mind, and they are DONE! HAAAAAAAALLELUJAH!

I also took a nap. It was glorious. Now I am watching curling on TV, and have giraffe cam on YouTube.

I am going to go get a Slurpee and sew to celebrate :) I bought the amazing fabric I wanted back in the fall when I was testing Leimomi's Miramar pattern and it was on SUPER DUPER SALE. Plus I found some brown broadcloth, so I tore off some strips to use on the quilted petticoat, and I have maybe 6 yards of it, which I can use to flatline my Big Project's skirt. I think. Now that my floor is more available, I feel like I can do anything!!


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