May. 28th, 2017

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I made a dress today! I had to go to my friend's house to do laundry (since she lets me do it for free, and I get to see the household and puppies while I'm there) and even though it took me FOR EV ER to get going (too early wake-up with 2hr nap before noon) I got all of my recycling out to the car, all of the laundry, and my project bag. No one was home, so I had lots of uninterrupted time, and I made a complete dress, including an extra set of lining so I can make a second version. Woohoo! (I thought it couuld have a fun, coordinating lining but it showed through the fabric and changed the colour a bit, so it's gonna be saved for a different dress.

N got home shortly before I left, and we are headed to the mountains for a week on Saturday, so it's time to get planning for that too. Meal plans, sewing plans, etc. Gonna be fun.

ETA: My red dress is finished for the second time, aside from the closures it still needs from last time lol. That's one project I don't need to take to the mountains with me.


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