Sep. 3rd, 2017

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Im really glad tomorrow is a holiday. I wasnt flattened by today's migraine but it sure left me without a lot of thoughts in my head. Still, i got my laundry done, put some rows into my latest knitting project, and i made lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. But that was it. It was a very low-key day.

I don't REALLY have plans for tomorrow besides some cleaning (cat box and dishes, mostly). I find myself wanting to clean up some things (besides my closet), like my yarn stash. Its very small compared to many ive seen, but its annoying to me because i prefer to knit larger projects, shawls and sweaters and the like, and most of what i have is singles. Or two skeins, but often nothing with enough contrasting or coordinating colour to be useful. And, ive become a fiber snob. Most of my stash is acrylic, and not the nicer stuff. My oldest balls are the one pounders i bought in like... 2002? To make Harry Potter scarves. I am not especially interested in that now. So, do i destash it or turn into an afghan? (actually im pretty sure my fondness of large projects doesn't extend as far as afghans. There, ive answered my own question)

I finished the quilted petticoat last week and have just been admiring it on Josephine. Guido helped "style" it a little bit. He likes to hide under long skirts when they're on display and then rocket out. It has so much body, its poofed out very nicely XD Im really happy with how it turned out. I need to photograph it!


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