Feb. 18th, 2017

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I went to the fabric stores today just for funsies. My mum and sister were shopping for costumes they're working on, I was mostly just browsing. Partly I wanted to get fabric ideas for a project I opted into. Partly I just wanted to touch all the fabrics. I found some adorable Harry Potter fabrics but they were $30/m for quilting cotton so they were staying behind!! OUCH D:

At the second store I found a printed cotton that maybe could have been turned into a cute mid-Victorian dress, but I'm not REALLY in the market for that right now, so it stayed behind too. But then I found petersham ribbon! It's 1" wide and was $1/m. The colours were not ideal (cream and olive green) but the first thing I want to put it on, it will not be visible. Previously the only petersham I could find was under 3/4" wide. I wandered while they got fabric cut, and found buckram. They've had it for awhile now, but there was a time in the not too recent past that the only option for getting buckram was online. Now I just need to find millinery wire and maybe I'll get motivated to make some hats!


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