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(I apologize for missing words and leaps of logic. Englishing and braining is very hard right now.)

I was hoping, hoping so hard that this year's first two months of plagues was going to be it for this year, but I am not so fortunate. We took my dad to the hospital a couple weeks ago because he looked and felt terrible (just a flu, but at least us taking him there and staying until 2:30am made him realize that he really does need to stay home and rest when he's sick, even if he's the only one who can do parts of his job), and then of course this past weekend was Animethon (small-ish con areas with around 4k attendance) and on Sunday I was with three people who'd spent their weekend with someone who had a cold, so I have no idea where I contracted Plague #7, but I did. I don't think it was my dad, as I have no fever (if anything my temperature is LOW; lowest was 36.1C, normal temp is 37), but I could have gotten it anywhere. Woke up yesterday feeling just "wrong", and by this morning my sinuses were super-congested. My ears feel plugged a little too. Thankfully I have tomorrow off so hopefully I can shake the worst of this by then.

WorldCon is coming up really really fast. As in, 2 weeks from RIGHT NOW, I will be in San Antonio. I've made a preliminary costume list that I REALLY need to finalize ASAP so I can pack appropriately, and also get my ass in gear for sewing. I still need to make a Jedi outfit and the bits of a new Victorian gown. I'm trying to avoid wearing a corset for too long too many days in a row.

Thursday: ??
Friday: ??
Saturday: ?? / Evening - Tangerine ballgown.
Sunday: New!gown
Monday: 11th Doctor.

We're also staying a couple extra days to take in the sights around San Antonio, so that will be fun :3 I have to time my savings bond redemption next week so that I have some spending money (which, as usual, will likely revolve around eating lol).

Also in WorldCon news, I decided to apply for a slot in the writer's workshops :3 I initially was on a waiting list, about 5th in line, and replied that I was fine with that. I didn't expect to get in. Then last Monday, she emailed me saying that if I could get my story in that night, I might be able to get a spot. Holy cow!! [ profile] mew_infinity helped me a lot to get the summary and scene down, so I submitted it. Then I heard that all the stories had been read, and to wait to pay the fees since the website was acting funny. I finally heard that that was working, submitted payment, and it's official. I have a workshop on Friday from 4-6 :D So excited! And also terrified, because I've never had anything I've written professionally critiqued before. I hope I can get my brain around remembering that a critique is not a personal attack. And I have to read and prepare my critiques for the other 2 stories in my group.

And just today, I've accepted another writing project due on August 26th (right before I leave). Whoops? LOL. I wish I had more brains right now, they've been forced out to make way for snot :/

So my current to-do list for the next 10 days is as follows:

Jedi outfit (have robe, planning on boots and leggings, borrowed belt. Just need underlayer and outerlayer and underbelt)
Victorian bodice and overskirt
read and critiques
short blog post about novel plotting
figure out other costumes

Deep breaths. I can do it.
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I DID IT. I finished writing the scenes I needed to add and uploaded everything for the proof copy. Now I just have to wait for it to be reviewed and approved before I can order it :3
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O SNAP I just posted one of my [ profile] bleach_15 prompts *deep breath*

I agonized for hours over it ;_; pretty please to be reading?
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TONIGHT, I am going to turn off the TV, plug myself into a pair of headphones, and write. I realized, while listening to a song that was part of a line-up that got me 3k worth during a write-in in November, that I need to have the music right there in my ears to keep me focused, rather than having background noise.

But first, to make some food. Hungry!

ETA: so much for that :/ There's a show on History about King Tut that I want to watch. Poo.

ETA2: I've never heard his name pronounced like that O_O I suppose Tut Ankh Amun would be a more appropiate pronounciation O_O
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SO, I'm writing this fic right. What I want to know is:

If you were cold and wet and lost in the woods, days away from the nearest place of civiliazation and maybe days away from anyone knowing you were missing and therefore looking to find you, stuck in the middle of NOWHERE with the one person you looked up to and admired the most and possibly liked a lot, and then you were getting feverish because you were cold and wet and lost... and this person that you liked and admired suddenly expressed an interest in gettin' down and dirty (for whatever reason; I haven't figured that part out yet)...

[Poll #971233]

Comment with reasons if you like :D
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wifey, I need to send you this song. It reminds me of the kind of work Asuka will do in 20 years ;)
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I wonder how Ren's "date" went yesterday.

Ren: it wasn't a date. And WTF is that huge ball of OMG IT HURTS in the sky? *wearing shades*

he doesn't feel like jumping off a cliff or hurting people, but he's subdued today. I guess that's alright.

Ren: i don't know why I'm still awake... the light, it hurts....

I want to work on boxer shorts, but of the four pairs I started, I can't find the pieces O-o. I know they're around, I saw them a little while ago. I just don't know where they are NOW.


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