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Here's a thing you should watch because A: Misha is hilarious, B: Misha is awesome, C: Misha is the greatest troll EVER and I love him for it, and D: You get a quick glimpse of me as the 11th Doctor (sans jacket and fez, the room was really warm) at 34:19 ;)

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Sooooo.. the comicon thingy. HOLY CRAP XD I got up just after 5 AM, after having gone to sleep around 1:30, and we wound up leaving closer to 6. Arrived at the site just before 10. Nothing much to say about the event, really, lots of booths with lots of neat merchandise, and just general neat stuff to see :D Caught up with [ profile] lunajile and two of my hobbits XD before noon. We'd gone back in to wander a bit and got held up by Ray Park having a lightsaber duel for photos with a really good Darth Maul costumer. Didn't get much further before Tara intercepted me and asked me if I could volunteer some time to help out at Lou Ferrigno's booth.

Since she'd gotten me in for free as Animethon staff, I said sure. So I spent the afternoon hanging out with the Hulk :D The sad parts were, no one came to spell me off, ever, except for Jason Marko and only because I desperately had to potty (he was very sweet to do so though :D), I didn't get to see any of the panels or the 404s performance, but I WAS sandwiched in a booth between Ray Park on my right (he's quite a cutie) and Morena Baccarin and Christina Hendricks (both of Firefly fame) on the left, and the curtain between their booth and ours had been pulled back for a picture once, and stayed open so I did at least get to see them :3 I also ran into Christina in the bathroom and blurted out that I loved her on the show... She was very sweet, very pretty, and very tall X3 I also ran into some old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in about a decade, which was really nice ;D Around 5:30, Lou was done and I had found [ profile] zoi_no_miko so I said farewell to him and ran off to hang out with The Crew.

By the time we left the site around 7, all I'd had to eat was 2 donuts and some sweet sweet slurpee things. Buzzed and hopping lol. The Crew (oh gosh.. Mark, Beej, Will, who bought me dinner, Tara, Jimmy, Vlad, Jason, Mae, Wes, Ryan, zoiness, myself, Mana, Karl, a couple other people who's names I didn't know) went to Peters XD YUUMMMMMM but since the wind had picked up, it made for cold eating. Then around 8:30, it was time to get back on the road. I got home just after midnight, thoroughly exhausted.

Overall, I think my experience being in the booth was neutral. Lou was quite nice and pleasant with his fans, and it probably helped that I only knew WHO he was and was not a fan (as was the case with the gentleman watching the booth for the Firefly girls; he had no idea who they were). I don't think a lot of them realised that he has severe hearing loss; I could see the hearing aids, since I was sitting right next to him (my primary function was to tell people the prices of the photos, and write down the names of the people being signed for so that they were getting written correctly) but I remember clearly a woman asking him something, which he didn't answer, and she said to her kids "come on, he's not answering any questions" and they left. But it's really hard to answer a question you can't hear, right? So many people mumbled and did not speak clearly or did not get his attention first, possibly out of awe (he is a VERY big guy :O great shape for his age) but... Overall, it was not the best experience of my life, nor was it the worst. At least by the end of those five hours, I felt like I had earned my free admission ;)

In a couple weeks I will be spending a week in Calgary and visiting people :3 It will be fun. Then I just need to sort out things with the sorta-boy, and all should be good.


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